Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | February 24, 2015

a miracle occurred

Today was grocery shopping day. I was planning on going after getting my hair cut first thing in the morning and remembering to bring all the plastic bags to recycling and the accumulated coins to the coin machine. It was also a complicated list because I’m making stuff I rarely (Thai shrimp soup) make or have never made (chicken mole). I forgot the bags and coins but went back for them. Upon arrival at the store I realized I didn’t have the list. Do you know what that means? I’m the person who walks into a room and not only can’t remember what I wanted, doesn’t even remember that I did want something. I’m the person who opens the computer and instantaneously forgets what it was I opened it for. So I dithered. Then I girded up my loins (what does that even mean?) and went in. Shopped, carefully looking at stuff all up and down the aisles in case it triggered an “I need that!” Got home. Found the missing list and the miracle is I only forgot two things! And not only that, they are two things that can easily wait until next time. I know, in the great context of life, this is really, really small beans, but hey, it’s a minor miracle for me and that’s what counts.

Other things that went well: I got my haircut so I am no longer confused with Shaggy of Scooby Doo fame. Except fatter. And we ate all the leftovers before they started to grow strange mutant fungus on them.

Here I am, celebrating the small stuff as best I can.



  1. Well, OK, a minor miracle and you made me laugh (no longer confused with Scooby Doo, except fatter). ha. my small celebrations for today: the sun is out, I’m (to my surprise) enjoying the prep for the class I’m teaching tomorrow, and oh let’s see, surely there’s a third one… Ah! migraine drugs! headache this morning but feeling good now. I’m actually not depressed right now but I’m, well, maybe struggling is the right word.

    • Happy to make you laugh! I’d love to take that class, it sounds right up my alley. And struggling? yeah . . . I’m sorry.

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