Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | February 23, 2015

And again . . .

I even left the tab open on my computer . . . sigh.

1. I went to church and sat through the beginning of the service before splitting off to teach the high school kids. All because he who shall remain nameless has gone to South Africa for 5 weeks, and please may he just stay there and never come back. I’ve missed sitting in the pew, listening to thoughtful, prayerful stuff, singing a hymn, and it was good to be there.

2. I tracked down how to add a stitch to my knitting even though I cannot figure out where the hell it went.

3. I managed to watch another Foyle’s War on netflix in spite of the 5 kids who have the password to my account. This is probably due to my proactive texting asking them to please take pity on me for a while.

I’ve spent an enjoyable 45 minutes looking at clips from the Oscars last night – Neil Patrick Harris is adorable. Loved Patricia Arquette’s speech and Meryl Streep’s reaction. Glory. Holy God powerful rendition of Glory. And Benedict Cumberbatch being classy and funny. Yes, I have a crush on him.


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