Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | February 22, 2015

Oops, again.

Remembered this after I got in bed last night and it was cold and the computer had been shut down, so no. Didn’t happen last night. But I’ll do last night this morning and then today tonight. Hah! How many temporal words can you use in one sentence?

Ahem – let’s see, things that went well. Okay, off the list is forgetting to pick up the boy after his meeting at Panera. Small bad mommy moment there, although he bought himself a cinnamon bun (oh to have a 15 year-old boy’s metabolism!) and entertained himself until I got there so it wasn’t that bad.

It’s actually hard to think of three specific things that went well, I mean the day was fine, it just didn’t have too much in it, kind of a lazy Saturday . . .

Had a date with my husband – that was nice.

Didn’t either crash into the back of the salt/plow truck or get rear-ended by the idiot who thought driving at 50 mph on an unplowed highway in a raging snowstorm was a good idea.

I’ve had the fun of discovering a new series of books I like, the Peter Grant series by Ben Aaronovitch. Current day London, police procedural with a supernatural twist. Fun, funny, engaging main character.

The why of why something went well is a little tricky. It’s often kind of nebulous or just an accumulation of experience and a dash of good luck – like the driving last night. Years of driving experience + experience driving in the snow + car with good tires + a dash of luck = didn’t have an accident, although all of those things could have been there and we could have had an accident.


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