Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | February 18, 2015

Trying something new . . .

I read today of a method to help with depression, among other things. It is to write three things that went well during the day and then to write why each went well. I’ve been wanting to start blogging again for my own well-being so I’m using this as a kick-start.

1. dinner – in spite of the challenge of getting dinner on the table when everyone gets home – the really challenging bit is driving to the high school and picking up the boy child at 7-ish when practice is over and back which takes about a half hour or more if they are late getting out – dinner turned out really pretty good, especially the marinade and sauce for the pork tenderloin. Planning and mucho practice over the years made this one happen.

2. good chat with the girl child – I guess because we get along really well and like talking to each other.

3. I tracked down a book I wanted to get. This is because I was reminded of it in someone else’s blog post.

So we’ll see if I have enough discipline to keep this up for a while. I’ll try.

On the depression front, medication helps immensely. Really kind of startling how much of a difference it made almost immediately. I wish I hadn’t waited so long to talk to my doctor. I also tried for therapy, but wasn’t really happy with the therapist I got matched up with and haven’t bothered to try again. I don’t want to be on meds forever but I think I’ll be there for at least several months.


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