Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | April 1, 2013

Travels with the girl child

Last week the girl child and I drove up through Connecticut and Rhode Island, Massachusetts and then down through the Hudson river valley visiting colleges. Girl child found it stressful, but then she does stress in a big way and making the decision about which colleges to apply to and hoping that the ones you like best will maybe, possibly accept you, and if they accept you you will be able to do the work and keep up with all those really, really smart people who are going there is pretty stressful. Regardless of the stress factor, we had a lot of fun together. I’m not going into which colleges we went to because that’s really her story, not mine, so you’ll just get some highlights from the trip.

While in Connecticut we met up with an internet friend of mine for a lovely dinner and tour of New Haven – thanks, Marjorie!! Also in CT, we ended our tour of the college and when the nice guide asked if anyone had any questions, we asked where should we go for lunch. And had a lovely, yummy lunch at a bookstore cafe, thereby combining two of my favorite things – food and books.

We took a side trip down to Newport, RI to goggle at the “cottages.” If you haven’t seen them, just google Newport mansions and go to images and scroll through for a bit. It was too cold and windy to get out to look at them, but holy moly those places are huge and gorgeous! GC and I would look at them and decide that maybe the gatehouse would work for us; we’d get lost in the main house. There’s also a section of town with old, old houses, about as old as they get in the US – I think 1723 was the oldest date we saw. Plus there’s all that ocean there to look at: IMG_1028  Like this!

I managed not to get on the wrong road at any time while in Providence or Boston. Read that sentence again and congratulate me. It is truly an epic achievement for any of you who haven’t had the dubious pleasure of driving in those cities. I have heard it said that they just paved the cow paths and called them roads in Boston and I believe it.

We only dissolved into helpless giggles four times. I think. Two waitresses think we’re crazy and one tour guide thinks we’re rude. We’re sorry.

And a picture of GC’s “deconstructed s’mores” from an excellent restaurant in Medford, MA:

IMG_1021  Looking a little precious, but still really tasty!

There will be more college looking, but she’s getting a better idea of what she wants, so we’ll let you know in a year or so where she ends up.

Hopefully, it won’t be our basement.



  1. Is it stressful for you too? I hope that the trip gave your girl child a good idea of her top choices and am glad that you both had fun!

    • She’s getting a better sense of what she wants, which is good. I’m not finding it particularly stressful, aside from the Providence and Boston driving!, just hard to watch her feeling stressed.

  2. A great trip review! And yeah, a wee bit precious.
    But fun and DELICIOUS!
    (who has definitely lost control when the giggles took over)

    • Oh we were totally mopping the tears with napkins and holding our stomachs. Good times! We share a silly and off-beat sense of humor which at the home dinner table leaves the two of us speechless with laughter while my husband looks on with this half-perplexed, half-pitying expression which only makes us laugh harder.

  3. Good luck, I remember how stressful the college search is, but I’m glad you could enjoy some of it, too. And tell her they wouldn’t let her in if they weren’t confident she could keep up!

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