Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | January 31, 2013

Oh the joy!

After twenty years, twenty long, long years I have finally achieved something I have wanted and wished for. Some of you may scratch your heads in puzzlement when you find out what it is, but obviously you haven’t had to share one with my husband for twenty, did I tell you it has been twenty?, years. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I now have A Desk of my Own. With my Own File Drawers. With my Own File Folders. With their very own Labels. And I joyfully plundered Staples whilst my kids were ringing handbells tonight and bought New Office Supplies for the Desk of My Very Own. And if anyone takes my office supplies I may have to stab them with a letter opener.

Here is a not very good picture of it pre-Staples visit and before I started putting stuff in it:IMG_0993

Notice the lovely antique chair accompanying said desk. My grandmother gave me three of these and they are too old and too fragile to sit on but I really like the way they look. And those are new shelves next to the desk waiting for me to fill them up with stuff.

I’m not adding a gratitude since this whole post is one!



  1. Love it, I’m so happy for you! It is awesome to have your own space! I did at the other house, here we are still working it out. Eventually.

  2. Wonderful! Aplace of your own. : ) So happy for you. Show us a pic when you personalize it.

    • I’m pretty slow with the decorating bit, but someday . . .

  3. A room of one’s own!

    Or a desk at least. Hurrah!
    I got rid of my desk and dh’s and we got a cheap dining room table to share but we just pile shit on it because I use a laptop and he doesn’t “desk” as a verb…just stacks stuff there. I was quite foolish to purchase wantonly another flat surface he and I could bury in things needing to be put away. Also file drawers are excellent for people who, you know, FILE.

    • 20 years of piles of shit in various places with me trying to remember where the particular piece of shit that I needed RIGHT NOW was. I’m done. As long as I remember to file, I’m good.

  4. OH the beauty and the joy!!! With antiques, too!

    I totally get it. And am so very glad for you.

  5. Ohhhhh! I am filled with envy. A desk! And files! Enjoy, truly, they’re beautiful.

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