Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | January 28, 2013

recognizing accomplishments

I have been trying to realize just how much work I’ve done in the house in the last 6 months and appreciate it. There is a whole new and beautiful room that now has places to sit, a lovely patio and deck to enjoy in the warm months, a rearranged living room that is now a library/my office/movie watching/exercise room, and the guest room has had an overhaul, making it look much better. For so long, I’ve been in these rooms just seeing what needs to be done, not what has been done. It doesn’t help that every person who walks into the living room or sun room or looks at the deck says, aren’t you going to get furniture? where are we going to sit? you need to get lights out here! etc. etc. People don’t seem to see what IS there, just what is still missing. Remember that for the next time you go to someone’s house and see the work they have done.

I have friends who are working on their own projects – weight loss, mental health, writing a book, raising children – and I see the same thing with them. It is so much easier to focus on what still needs to be done instead of celebrating how far we’ve come and how much we’ve accomplished. So stop for a minute, stop looking at the mountain in front of you, turn around and look at the mountains you have already climbed. Celebrate your accomplishments!

Tonight I am EXTREMELY grateful that there is no reason for me to have to go out and drive in the freezing rain!



  1. I’m glad you don’t have to go out in the freezing rain, too! Ugh.

    You are right about not appreciating what has already been accomplished. It would be so much better to retrain our brains to notice what has been accomplished and be aware of that. It’s like being in the present moment in a way, seeing what is right at this moment, rather than questioning what will come in the future.

    I’ll practice this. Thanks for the reminder!

    • Well you remind me of enough stuff, I’m just returning the favor!

  2. Great thought. Fits well with Julie’s card today. I’m feeling so overwhelmed with all the stuff that needs to be done around here that I’m trying to break it down into five minute chunks. OK, I will spend five minutes cleaning off this desk. I will spend five minutes re-shelving books. I will spend five minutes cleaning up after the damn puppy. It’s actually working surprisingly well, so I do have something to pat myself on the back for. 🙂

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