Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | January 27, 2013

Every day in every way . . .

we are getting better and better. Well, maybe not completely true, but today is definitely better than yesterday.

Yes, it’s been cold. The forced air heat we have makes the house so dry that we all flinch before hugging or kissing. The dog has come over for some affection and looks totally affronted at receiving a spark instead of some loving up. So to combat this, I have on my stove a large pot. This pot causes people to walk in and say, “what’s cooking?” and then recoil when they look in the pot and see murky brown liquid. All I’ve got in there is water, lots of water, and a couple of cinnamon sticks and cloves, but it does become rather disgusting looking as it gently steams away.

Finals are over for the girl child. SATs have been taken this weekend. Boy child is home from a ski trip with his scout troop. Man is still away so we are having nachos for dinner and watching Buckaroo Banzai. The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Ninth Dimension to be exact. I haven’t seen it for a very long time and it’s just the kind of silly film we need.

So today I’m grateful for people who come up with an idea and turn it into a book or movie that I like. There’s quite a few of you out there!



  1. Oh very good! You sound so much better. I am gearing myself up to enjoy colder weather now that I am moving back to the NW. Reminding myself of the good stuff. Have a wonderful evening!

    • I don’t mind chilly weather, but the under 20 is just seriously cold! I am better. We honeymooned in the Pacific NW and just fell in love with the area so I really envy you moving there!

  2. Love Buckaroo!

    Stay warm. The pot might look like sludge but I bet your house smells yummy!

    • And now I have made two more Buckaroo converts! *rubs hands in glee* And, yes, the house does smell nice!

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