Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | December 26, 2012

the Christmas post

Some of the best moments from Christmas this year:

hanging out with the family with the fire in the fireplace, the lighted tree, presents and stockings set out and filled and enjoying the peaceful moment

sitting at the table long after the meal has finished talking over all sorts of topics ranging from high school dress codes to cancer research with everyone

taking a quick walk with the girl child

watching the glee on girl child’s face when she opened the t-shirt that says: Keep Calm and Don’t Blink

watching boy child with his new New York Giants hat on his head and concentration on his face solving a Rubric’s cube

reading friends’ posts on facebook about the present frenzy with small children and remembering that time fondly but being glad we aren’t doing that anymore

and lying in mom’s bed talking over the day after it’s all over


What were your best moments of the holidays?



  1. making snickerdoodles with one friend

    waking up in her “tower” bedroom and looking out at the view over Puget Sound to the Olympics

    driving around last night with another friend and her family and looking at the lights

    sitting around and talking

    • That sounds lovely, Skye, especially the tower bedroom looking over Puget Sound – such a beautiful area!

  2. My happy moments were numerous and joyful. I’m glad to read you had a fabulous Christmas too!!

    • Wonderful, wonderful for you to have numerous and joyful moments! 😀

  3. As Pope Fokker said, my holiday moments were joyful and many as well. (Although now I want a tower bedroom!)

    Blessings were abundant for so many of us!

    • A tower bedroom would be so cool, especially overlooking something like Puget Sound. I actually dreamed about it last night!

  4. Sounds quite idyllic! My favorite part of our Christmas was (as always) guessing the riddles that accompany the presents exchanged by the family — very, very silly.

    • That is a wonderful tradition and your riddles were very hard to guess!

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