Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | December 10, 2012

You can get in . . .

My car has become the Hotel California. Remember that song? Anyone?? The front passenger seat door will open from the outside but not from the inside, trapping my hapless passengers until I jump out like the chauffeur and run around and open the door. Or, they can open their window, reach outside, open the door from the outside and then roll their window back up. Neither of these options is really good. In fact, this is what one would call a dilemma! And I just spent umpteen dollars and umpteen hours at the car place getting new tires and brakes. Hurrumph.

I was going to write about Advent and renewal and all kinds of thoughtful, inspirational stuff but I’m too grumpy. Maybe tomorrow.



  1. I kind of like the image of your car as Hotel California. Are you going to serve wine? 🙂

    Seriously, though, what a pain. Good luck on getting it fixed.

    • Wine might make the bill be less painful. Worth a try!

  2. Cars can be so frustrating.
    Hope tomorrow is better for you.

  3. Oh psh! My passenger door on the Wee Walnut hasn’t worked for YEARS. But it goes the other way, they can get out, but not in. And yes, of course I remember that song, I know ALL of them, from every album, even saw their live show from the Hell Freezes Over tour (tickets courtesy of our children); named one of my kids with initials, just like a guitarist. We also named one pet after an original member of the band. Oh yeah, we are VERY fanatical about Eagles. ( )

    Still, sorry about your vehicle woes. Sucky, always.

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