Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | November 26, 2012

Sunroom, patio and deck!

It’s been a while since I’ve caught you up on the progress of the sunroom area. It’s looking awesomely gorgeous! I’m so excited and a little nervous about decorating. My parents were up visiting about a month ago for a long weekend and they worked over the weekend putting up the room. It was like watching one of those house shows in real life. Loud, but fascinating.
The crew that put in the stone walkways seemed to be a family group and were from Albania. I asked them since I heard them talking and couldn’t figure out what language it was. They did a lovely, solid job.

Without further ado, I shall regale you with a slide show since pictures illustrate so much better:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



  1. That is absolutely gorgeous. I am drooling and lusting after those windows. : )
    Enjoy many winter mornings in your lovely room.

  2. I love sunrooms! (Well, of course, because I love the sun!) Yours is gorgeous and has wonderful windows, especially those up top! What a wonderful place to have your breakfast or coffee in the morning! And that patio is beautiful, as is the walkway. Thank you for sharing the wonderful photos.

  3. How lovely! Yes, thank you very much, I believe I will join you for a glass of wine by the fire pit! We could have some wondrous conversations!

    • Now I’m imagining a Betty party out there! What an excellent idea!

  4. Just WOW. I’m drooling too. Enjoy!!

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