Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | November 7, 2012

Hurricane Sandy aftermath

I’m sitting in my car place which has the joy of warmth, light and internet access. Can you hear my sigh of bliss from where you are? I hope they take a really long time to change my oil and check out that weird noise it’s making because I’m just so fine with sitting here. Today is Wednesday, November 7th and our power has been out since last Monday. We have well water so without electricity there is no water at my house. No water, no heat, no light. We do have a small generator which powers the sump pump, the refrigerator and the chest freezer. We also run a line into the kitchen for a lamp and the cell phone charger. Somehow, we managed to stockpile enough water so we have been able to flush with buckets and wash dishes. Showers have been taken at church where they are set up for Interfaith Hospitality Network for families who have become homeless, at friends’ houses and I got one at the place I get my hair cut. The house is now about 48 degrees which is really cold to be sitting around in. It’s inconvenient and uncomfortable and I’m tired of it. The high school started back up on Monday with delayed openings all week, but the middle school, where the boy child goes, and the elementary schools are still closed. We’ve had a LOT of family togetherness time.

However, and it’s a really big however, we do have an undamaged house. We are all healthy. My husband’s business hasn’t been washed away. We will be fine. So many people will not. So many people have had unbelievable damages. I don’t believe that people should build on barrier islands – they are by their very nature temporary. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have deep, deep sympathy and compassion for those who had homes that are now gone.

My husband left on Thursday to fly to California to be with his father. My father-in-law is now in hospice care at home and my guy is planning on staying until the end. I can’t say I really like the single mom existence, but he is so definitely where he needs to be right now that I can’t complain at all. I did like having him here to deal with filling the gas cans and filling the generator, but, you know, I can do it. I’m channeling Rosie the Riveter here!

Anyway, hopefully my power will be on soon and I’ll be able to post more regularly.



  1. You poor thing. Big hugs and FGBVs to both you and your husband. Boy, timing really IS everything. I hope they get your power back on soon!

  2. Ditto what Deb said. I can’t imagine being without power and water and heat AND having to do all that with children as well! Sympathies and FGBVs in particular to your husband; it’s always hard to lose a parent, no matter how old you are.

    • Fortunately the kids are old enough to be of assistance when necessary. Little ones would be really, really hard.

  3. I wish I could send some Florida warmth to you. At least when we have hurricanes, we usually have to deal with sweat, not freezing fingers and toes. I’m glad your house is intact and hope that the power is back soon. Indoor camping can really grow old quickly.

    • I could have used some Florida heat! And yes, indoor camping grew very old.

  4. Aren’t appreciation lessons shitty to get through?
    Warm hugs from way over here, where all we’re dealing with (weather-wise) is a cooling trend.

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