Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | August 20, 2012

I hate you word press

I just wrote a really long post with a slideshow and it didn’t save. I’m too tired to rewrite so I’ll try again tomorrow or the next day since tomorrow is girl child’s 16th birthday.




  1. I hate when that happens.

    Happy Bday to Girl child!

    • On the upside – it actually let me comment and it generally doesn’t. ; )

  2. sorry, Karen! hope you are having a great day with your girl!

  3. What Judy and Barb said. Read theirs twice, I got pizzas to order……

    (you know I’m kidding, I have totally done exactly that)

  4. LiveWriter helps … it will restore and save. Then you can use it to publish to your WordPress account. {{{hugs}}}

  5. Oh no! I’m Grrr-ing on your behalf. 😦

  6. Thanks, y’all!
    I’ll look into LiveWriter, Fokker, I usually remember to save compulsively while writing, but not this time.

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