Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | August 3, 2012

News from the home front

The Pit of Despair, more butterflies, and spreading the love:

For those of you who have followed the saga of the Pit of Despair (starts here, continues on here, here, here, and here) we have new and exciting developments. We received the coveted “No Further Action Required” letter from the state resulting in wild rejoicing in our house. I called the builder and work has restarted. For (hopefully!) the last time, a pit is dug and now has the forms for the footings in it.

and from the mud, a sunroom shall arise!

We won’t be having workers here full time as they are on other jobs for a couple of months, but John the builder guy says he will send people over as they have time and can get some work done rather than waiting until he can send people full time.

I’ve been diligently lying on the floor as Brian the physical therapist told me to and have made a little mat area of a beach towel and several folded blankets to lie on. Kady seemed to think that it was for her so I broke down and went and bought her a new bed for the family room. She has one in her crate, but when she wants to be with her pack now she has a comfy place to lie down. After some suspicious sniffing and pawing she has settled right in.

Nice soft bed and a new toy, too!

We’ve been having a butterfly bonanza at our house. I was just out and counted nine swallowtails on the butterfly bush. Then there’s the little guys that are hard to see.

little orangy guy (probably not the scientific name!)

The little cabbage whites and the bumblebees are living it up on the spirea bush in the front

there are two bumblebees here – kind of like Where’s Waldo?

and lots of big and little butterflies are partying on the butterfly bush.

little cabbage white (even though it’s kind of creamy yellow) on the spirea

Those of you who are Betties on Facebook will have seen Deborah Blake’s post about the book I sent her. (Short story – I saw a book I thought an internet friend of mine would like a lot and wouldn’t know about, so I bought it and sent it to her. Vicki Lane – it’s Staubs and Ditchwater and it’s all due to you). I’ve been trying, when I think of something to do for someone, to go ahead and do it – send an email or text, send a book, bring over some tomatoes, etc. Small stuff, nothing like buying someone a car, but the kind of thing that brings me happiness when someone does it for me. I think the news, the political fighting, all combine to depress me and I’m trying to do something to consciously counteract that negativity.



  1. Hope the Sun Room will bring you a lot of happiness … and a good view of the butterflies!!

  2. There is a movement, not really new, but now newly reformed due to the interwebz and tweeties, that is all about positive actions. You are doing that. You are changing people’s lives by your love and caring. The premise of this project is to do our small part when we can, and in the long run, it will expand globally and make the world a better place. That’s you, the global change for good.

    (And that is what your butterflies are saying.) Beautiful pictures!

    Yipee for the new room and the OK to move forward on it!

    • “…moveR?” Please go in and fix that for me. It’s horrible to look at. Thank you!

  3. Random acts of kindness — you’ve made your friend happy — and me and Byron too! And, no doubt, you’ve set in motion other little acts of kindness. Oh, well done!

  4. Lovely pictures, especially of the pit fitted for footings! We had to remove a leaky oil tank from our second house property, and our happiest day was when our NFA letter arrived!

    I love butterflies and bumblebees–two necessary and important species for our world. Thank you for brightening up my day with your lovely pictures!

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