Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | July 31, 2012

Balloons and butterflies

About an hour ago I was down in the garden emptying the compost bucket and fetching a jalapeno pepper for dinner when a lovely butterfly landed on my shirt. It just clung there for several minutes, resting, and giving me a moment of beauty. I think it was a painted lady looking quite a bit like this photo and just about that close. Painted Lady Butterfly Llandudno

Last weekend our town hosted a balloon festival, touted as the largest hot air balloon festival in the country in the summer. I don’t know if that’s true, but it is quite large and us residents have to be aware of not driving that way lest we get caught up in the horrible traffic. The prevailing winds here usually make the balloons go in the opposite direction to our house, but this year was a lucky year and they came this way. Here are some pictures I took, abandoning our dinner and running outside:

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  1. How exciting! That’s awesome to have a balloon land in your neighbors yard. I’d forget dinner too. : )

    • Luckily the dog didn’t eat it! They really are very cool to see.

  2. so cool. I love hot air balloons. There was a tourist one that used to take off every few days from a field near our house and we could hear it going over the house making this big whooooshing sound.

    I have some yard pictures to post, too. Hmmm. Probably too late to do it tonight.

    • I would love to go up on one. I looked into it for DH’s birthday and it’s $200 per person!! :O Seems kind of extravagant for a half hour flight.

      Yes, go post your pictures, please! More chicks?

  3. You haz pretty things flying around you! Yay!

  4. Super cool, thank you for sharing this! I would LOVE to fly in one, but wow. That’s a LOT of money.

    (Also, butterflies show up as messengers. Usually.)

    • That butterfly seemed to be saying, “relax, breath, just be” so I did.

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