Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | July 20, 2012

Quick couple of pictures

I’m currently lying on the floor on my stomach, propped up with three pillows under my chest. I am not comfortable. So why am I doing this? Because on Thursday while at the physical therapist we talked about how I have plateaued with my back. It has gotten some better, but not all the way better and it’s just staying there. So he said I need to not sit at all, if possible, and anytime I would be sitting I should be lying on my stomach instead propped up with pillows for the next two or three days. I think it’s helping but I keep getting a crick in my neck and it’s really hard to look at the computer screen this way. So I’m giving you all two pictures from my day.

You know how you can find all those pictures of hot guys in kilts on the web? Today, in the Walmart parking lot of all places, girl child and I saw a guy in a kilt. Sadly, he was not really hot or at least we couldn’t tell given his other apparel. We did think the capri pants under the kilt were an odd touch. It’s not a great picture but still, how many of you have seen in everyday life a guy just walking along wearing a kilt?

I had to stop and take a picture of the buffalo calf. The adults are really impressive beasts, but the calves are just adorable. There you go! What fun stuff did you see today?



  1. A kilt and capri pants…interesting…

    • Yeah, we weren’t quite sure what to think about that.

  2. You know that whenever you post, I’m happy. But yikes, so sorry about that damn back of yours. Do you have Louise Hay’s little blue book of symbolic injury meanings? I think every library has a copy. Might be worthwhile to investigate why you’re stuck there.

    Also, uh. Yeah. I kinda see guys in skirts and kilts here on a regular basis. But then, I live in a funny place. 😉

    (The capri pant choice was new to me though.)


    • I HAVE to come visit you. HAVE to. Reserved the book at the library so I’ll remember to get it when I go. Thanks! I almost texted you again this morning – up at 4:30 to get Rachel to church by 5 to leave for Maine to repair houses.

      • Do it, don’t just ALMOST it! I had the same thought run through my head….. but figured you wouldn’t be up (even if our idea of “sleeping in” *IS* so damn different). Lol, we were totally being psychically connected!

  3. hope your back gets better! also you lured me in with the bait of “hot guys in kilts” and THIS is what I get? I blow a raspberry at you **pblllt*. The SP does that all the time but she also bites so I’ll spare you that.

    • I never promised hot guys in kilts! Go blow a raspberry into SP’s neck and record that baby giggle. Fourteen years from now you can play it back when she’s rolling her eyes and saying “M o o o o o o mmm” in that way that only 15 year old girls can.

  4. Where are the fashion police when you need them? (Loved your post except for the part about your poor back.Bummer.)

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