Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | July 16, 2012

Beach and whine

Or bitch and wine.

It’s summer. The good news is: I can sleep past 5:45; my driving-people-places chores are much reduced, although the drives I do are much longer (I’m looking at you camps in another state); the fresh fruit and vegies in the garden and at the farm stands are terrific; I get to go to the beach for a week.

The bad news: I have to go to the beach for a week and stay in a house of 14 people; my kids, unless I’ve shipped them off to camp are here ALL THE TIME, wanting to use my computer, mess up the house, make noise, all of which meansย  there is no peace for me who probably should have been a hermit. And it’s hot. I really, deeply, truly don’t like hot.

Here’s a few beach pictures that weren’t in the last post: Husband and son out on the kayaks in the marsh. My younger brother’s daughter with one pant leg all tucked up. Dad, older brother and husband in the surf looking for crabs. We didn’t catch any to eat, just to pick up and look at and then toss back in. Most were fairly feisty, waving their claws menacingly, but these two were otherwise occupied: Poor things! Interrupted in an intimate moment for the entertainment of large aliens.

I could complain about older brother who drank too much and was generally loud, obnoxious and insulting to almost everyone, but it’s over and I’m home so I’m going to let it go. Trying to confront him about it only results in more insults and belligerence.

We got up extremely early on Saturday to make the drive back to NJ trying to miss most of the traffic and get back by dinner time. We were rewarded with a lovely sight in the sky which I texted Julie about knowing that 1) she would most likely still be up and 2) would really appreciate it. I know you have no idea what this is, but there was a lovely little moon with Jupiter and Venus lined up underneath. It was stunning.



  1. I did the big beach house thing last year and it was actually okay. Of course, I normally live with eight other people (right now, we’re at ten souls under one roof, with a sister on the way) so I might be immune to large crowds by now. However, after all these years, I still get annoyed by kids-at-home-all-the time. Japan has the right idea-school all year!

    • Yeah, school all year would be nice. Three or so straight weeks with them non-stop and I start fantasizing about boarding school!

  2. Now that we don’t need the kids to help plant and help harvest and generally help take care of the farm, there is no reason to not send them to school all year round. They may even retain their learning better this wayl

    • Oh they would definitely retain their learning better. But such an intrenched system is hard to change although there are places in this country that do have it.

  3. Yikes! It’s been a very long time since we did a combined family vacation — you’ve just reminded me why. But what gorgeous pictures. I love the SC beaches and marshes.

    • The beaches and marshes are beautiful, aren’t they? You know I usually check your blog daily, but since I knew you were gone the same time I was it made it easy to remember not to check until I got home. Your writing retreat sounds fabulous!

  4. MadMax went over to a friend’s house for dinner tonight and it’s the first time in three weeks I’ve been away from him. It was lovely. I took a nap and read a book. I was unable to convince him to go to camp this year, dangit.

    • I swear I can feel all my nerve endings just smooth out and relax when I’m alone. I know I will miss them dreadfully when they are really gone, but I do love alone time.

  5. I loved it when the kids were home for the summer, we all slept in. Or, I slept in, and some of them slept later than usual (no one was much of an early kid anyway).

    OH the beach!!! So lovely, thank you for sharing more pictures.

    Yes, I was THRILLED to get your message. Hanny and I were up visiting and stepped out onto the deck to look. There are trees that way (trees ALL ways around here) but we could see the wee lights peeking through. SO cool! I really appreciate you thinking of me. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • I think your sleeping in and my sleeping in have different definitions! ๐Ÿ˜€

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