Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | July 10, 2012

Beach baby, beach baby, give me your hand . . .

It’s a long way from New Jersey to South Carolina, but since that is where the beach house the family rents for the week is, that’s where we go. My parents live in SC as does my younger brother and his family, but it’s more of a trek for us and my older brother’s family who are coming from Tucson, AZ for the first time having moved from PA the end of last summer. But here we all are, all 14 of us, from my younger brother’s girl who is 2 up to my parents who are in there early 70’s.

The first night we were there I was hit with insomnia. The only upside to it was seeing the sunrise from the balcony outside my bedroom. Here is looking straight out to the ocean: and here is looking down the beach to the point: And then there is the view of the marsh and tidal creek out the back of the house: As much as I love the ocean, I really love sitting out looking at the marsh. There are egrets and herons, leaping fish, boaters, and it always changes. I was sitting watching the clouds last night because they were so spectacular: thunderstorms are especially fun to watch out there.

One inspired thing Mom and I did when we all first started coming nine years ago was to decide that each adult couple would take responsibility for a few of the lunches and dinners and clean-ups. This means that no one is stuck in the kitchen the entire time, which is exactly what would have happened to Mom and me. Last year we initiated having the teen-age or almost teen-age kids do one lunch, one clean-up and one dinner. Here’s my girl child doing the dishes last night: And then one picture of the boy child backed by the dunes just because: with more of last night’s spectacular clouds.

I hope that you all get some fun, relaxation, and beautiful sights in your summer as well.



  1. The best of both worlds: beach (love!) and marsh with marsh life (love egrets especially; do you have gators there?). A long trek indeed, but it sounds like lots of fun. I hope you have a terrific time and maybe even a thunderstorm that rains itself out at night so you can have sun during the day.

    • Thanks, Skye! Yesterday afternoon was rained out, but it’s a little cooler today.

  2. I’ve only been to SC once, but I really loved it. Want to go back someday. Your photos are gorgeous, thanks for the armchair vacation. : 0

  3. We spent a week at the coast in NC last month, also with 14 people in a house. It’s always a blast. Besides seeing loved ones, my favorite part of the week is sitting on the beach, watching the surf and the birds. It’s so mesmerizing– very soothing. Hope you have a great time. And you must have a good internet connection to upload all those photos! 🙂

    • The surf, the birds, the occasional dolphin or fish and the people watching! I brought my wi-fi connector so we could all get on the internet without having to go plug into the one spot upstairs where there is a connection.

  4. I do so love the beach.

  5. Stunning pictures, Karen! Thanks so much for sharing.

  6. OUTSTANDING pictures! Thank you SO much!!!

    Oh how I adore the beach….. wait, what? You’re going to be OVER HERE for my birthday? Arizona is not close. But it IS closer than NJ. How long will you be on this side?

    • Sort of OVER THERE! From Aug. 30 to Sep. 5. We’ll be visiting my brother and his family in Tucson and then Monday and Tuesday we’ll be in Phoenix. What day is your birthday? I need to have that on my calendar!

      • So close, and yet still so damn far…….. (we may be on the Coast during that week, with the entire huge length of California standing between us)

        I was born on September 4, 1961. Labor Day. My mother finds that fact hilarious.

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