Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | May 29, 2012

Well, that was fun!

Girl child had the day off from school but not boy child. The middle school was closed for almost a week with no power from the freaky snow storm we had in October, but the high school, which is in a different town, only closed one day so they had unused snow days. Today was one of the days they gave back. So this is what the girl and I did: Pedicure!! We now have smooth and lovely feet with cool polish colors on our toes. Plus you get to check out the cool app on my phone that lets you take all the color out of a photo and just put it back in selected places. Fun stuff!!

Other than that, it’s hot. Hot and humid. I really, truly don’t like hot and humid and I’m starting my annual litany of places I’m threatening to move to – Alaska, Antarctica, Siberia, Norway, Scotland. Got any suggestions?



  1. Hope you enjoyed the bonding time.

  2. Go to Australia. It’s coming into winter there now. Except I went one year in July (thinking I’d escape the desert heat) and I froze my butt off and got an awful flu to boot. So maybe not. : )

    • I so want to visit Australia and New Zealand. And freezing my butt off sounds really good right not, although I could happily skip the flu!

  3. Move to the Pacific NW on the west side of the mountains (the Oregon Coast, Seattle, Portland) and you won’t have to experience hot and humid. You may experience a few days of hot in Seattle and summer can get very hot in Portland, but the Oregon Coast doesn’t do hot hardly ever (which is part of why I moved). You’ll like it! Although, I really wouldn’t mind spending July, August, and the first part of September there every year as that’s when it’s like hell in Houston! (We must still be having a drought because it’s hot here but not terribly humid. Very weird.)

    • We honeymooned in the Pacific NW and love, love, loved it. My only issue with it is that it is so far away from my parents in SC. Right now we can drive to visit, even though it takes all day, but as they are getting older I really don’t want to go any farther away.

  4. yes. what Skye said. or better yet, MONTANA. 🙂 Love the blue toenails, mine are gold sparkly right now but usually they are blue or teal or turquoise.

    • Just you wait – some day this strange woman will show up at your door and it will be me! Moving in. Or, maybe just visiting. 🙂

  5. Pretty! You will never see photos of my Fred Flintstone feet on the internet, but yours look nice. Also, Scotland. 🙂

    • Lol! Hey, no negative comments on Fred Flintstone feet, my kids all have them. And I LOVE those tooties!

      • I didn’t mean that she had Fred Flintstone feet. I meant that I have Fred Flintstone feet. How embarrassing.

        Also, Julie, your children are not large enough to have Fred Flintstone feet. 😉

  6. I vote for starting a time-share in Montana! Which color toes are yours?

    • I’m in!! Mine were the teal, girl child got deep blue with sparkles.

  7. I was going to say Oregon, but Skye beat me to it. Yep, we have no humid, and not much hot. We DO have damp though…… and yeah, we’re pretty damn far away. But I am WAITING for that strange woman with the blue toenail polish and the smooth feet to show up on my doorstep!

    Do you think 2.0 Version could stand to have a pedicure? I should really give it a try. 😉

    • Well, I don’t mind people touching my feet, especially when they are giving them a massage and making them look good, but YMMV. I know my mom hates it.

      If you only didn’t live so damn far away I’d have been there already!

  8. Great toes! It was in the low 70s today in western NC. . .

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