Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | May 26, 2012

Where the buffalo roam . . .

Today we went to visit the buffalo farm down the road from us. What? Doesn’t everyone have a buffalo farm nearby? They have an open house every Memorial Day weekend and we’ve gone over for most of them. It was 87 degrees today and humidity to match so we didn’t do as much walking as we usually do. But we did see buffalo, or as they are more properly known, American bison: These are young ones and some moms. The dads were in a different pasture and are twice as big. There were no newborn calves that I could see which is too bad because they are really cute.

They also have pigs:

and board horses: Here is a horse checking out boy and girl child walking away.

They had baby chicks and they usually have goats although I didn’t see any this year. There were pony rides and face painting: The face painting, the pony rides and the food were all to raise funds for our local EMTs and this kid is a volunteer for the EMTs and was selling lunch. Which was, you guessed it, buffalo burgers and buffalo hot dogs. We have no shame. We ate burgers: and mighty tasty they were, too!!

They had set aside one barn for local organizations and we bought honey from this vendor: She had some really cool candles as well. We also got some literature on rain barrels, and there is going to be a workshop at Rutgers in two weeks which I am going to try to go to. Once the Pit of Despair is turned into a sun room and deck we can install it and water the garden.

After that, we went home, stopping to rescue some people from New York who were lost, and took a shower. Tomorrow we’re going to a party down the street at a neighbor’s house. What are you doing this weekend?



  1. Sounds like a lovely day. I shopped for porch furniture, went out on the boat, swam and pretty much did whatever pleased me. 🙂

  2. Oh I missed so much! Fantasy houses and bison visits!

    Sorry Dee, that Papyrus is EVERYwhere!

    Barb, I want a house with those magical rooms/views/doors too!

    Fokker, I’ll be stopping by your Welsh home, on my way to visit with Lizzie in London.

    Karen, I ran errands, everyone else worked (or slept). But tomorrow Dan is going to BBQ at my mom and dad’s house, Ryon and Em are coming over. We’ll be discussing a deck repair project. And later, when he gets off work, J.D. will be bringing me laundry. Festive enough?

    (So good to be home!)

    • Visiting is fun, but it is really nice to come home again, isn’t it?

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