Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | May 10, 2012

Catching up

I’ve been a blogging slacker lately. I know you all wait with breathless anticipation for my deathless prose and I’m sorry to leave you for so long. I don’t really have much in the way of excuses so I’ll just give you some of the highlights of my existence.

My birthday was celebrated just about two weeks ago. DH and I had dinner in an excellent little restaurant in Lambertville called Manon. Yummy delicious French Provencal food with Van Gogh’s Starry Night painted on the ceiling, plus antique stores and galleries to window shop on the way from the car and back. Then, the family celebration the following night – grilled wild salmon, fresh salad from the garden and garlic cheese grits. Girl child gets major credit for saving the day by waking her napping father to inquire whether or not he had gotten a cake.

Girl child accompanying Happy Birthday on the guitar.

A look of total horror passed over his face before he levitated off the sofa and grabbed keys and wallet to go to the really good bakery for a chocolate cake.

DH with the cake that almost wasn’t

In other news, I’ve started a water aerobics class once a week at the local Y. Some of the people kind of idly swish their barbells around while chatting away and some are a bit more enthusiastic. I’m trying hard to be well on the enthusiastic side.

The garden, or what there is of it, is doing well. The vegetable garden has lush rows of lettuce, chard, spinach and bok choy although for some reason the arugula isn’t doing well. The cilantro is doing great and the peas are growing well. The garlic and onions make tidy rows and the great debate on whether it is time to put in tomatoes, basil and peppers has begun. The flower garden just makes me sad.

Try to see this dirt covered with flowers.

It’s possible we’ll go all summer without building happening on the sunroom/Pit of Despair, but then again, maybe we’ll be able to get started. If we can get started then it will need to remain unplanted so the machinery can get through.

The irises down by the mailbox sooth my thwarted gardening soul.

I’ll leave you with a picture of Kady, the devil dog, in one of her favorite spots. I took this from the kitchen, and, as you can see, she can easily see what’s happening outside the front door and then turn her head and see if anything is happening in the kitchen that she needs to pay attention to. Someday she’s going to inch out far enough she’ll slither right through the bannister.



  1. Love your update. A belated, but no less sincere, happy birthday to you! I love water aerobics and would go three times a week if the classes were early enough that I could get to work on time. For now, I jog and exercise in my own little pool!

    • Your own pool?? *sigh* Pardon me while I turn green with envy!

  2. Happy belated birthday! Yay! I hope you can get the Pit of Doom worked on so it makes having the dirt left flowerless a fine thing. Then you get to plan the flowers for next year!

    • I can’t even look at gardening catalogs yet, it’s just too painful to contemplate!

  3. From yesterday, no. I did NOT figure out what those flowers were, and now I can’t find them.

    But, back to you. Happy Happy Belated! And whew for an almost-not-there cake! Way to go Awesome Daughter for the reminder, and excellent recovery there, Dad. 🙂

    Wait…. a splashy swimmy class?! Outstanding news. Oh man, I am so going to be thinking of you now when I’m in mine. (We have all those same people.)

    SO glad you’re back!!!

    • I was so totally thinking of you while splashing!!

      Next spring you can send another picture of the mystery flowers and I’ll see if I can figure them out.

  4. Damn, in all the excitement I forgot to say that your veggie garden sounds wonderful!

  5. Look at your irises! I thought it was a catalog picture. The only thing really growing in my yard is grass, because it’s been raining so much we haven’t been able to cut it. It’s gone to seed, it’s so tall!

    Belated excellent birthday wishes! You are doing all the things I wish I had time for–gardening, exercise, raising someone to play the guitar and sing to me…but I’m not jealous, I’m just happy for you!

    • The irises are about the only thing that looks good right now. Well, the vegie garden does, but that’s all DH. I just go in there to pick stuff for dinner, he does all the hard work. Someday soon we’re going to have a meet-up in Chester. Right??

  6. What a beautiful girl child you have! I am glad you are had a happy birthday, and I am glad DH got the cake :0)

  7. Pit of despair (giggle)! We’ve had some projects like that that seemed to drag on forever. But your little patch of iris and whatever the yellow stuff is (sedum?) is GLORIOUS!

    • The yellow stuff is a bush which I can never remember the name of. It gets dusty pink flowers all over it later in the summer – they are in umbels.

  8. Happy Really Belated Birthday! And better late cake than no cake. The girl child is beautiful, as are the irises. 🙂

    • Thanks!! I think she’s gorgeous, but I may be a bit biased!

  9. […] who have followed the saga of the Pit of Despair (starts here, continues on here, here, here, and here) we have new and exciting developments. We received the coveted “No Further Action […]

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