Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | April 26, 2012

A Walk in Spring

I blame my parents. It is all their fault. I cannot now take an innocent walk through fields and woods without trying to identify and count the different wildflowers I see. A number of years ago, Mom gave up on birdwatching while hiking. I’m not sure that she ever really started, actually. You see, the birds? They don’t hold still while you debate whether or not they have a white eye bar or a reddish streak on their breast or whatever. So Mom and Dad moved on to wildflowers. Wildflowers are extremely obliging in remaining motionless while inspection and consultation is going on. Now every hike is punctuated with stops to identify flowers and arguments over identification and more arguments over exactly how many flowers have been spotted on this walk.  This entails recounting every flower seen so far. Dad, known far and wide as The Count*, keeps track of how many we’ve seen. The Best Flower Walk Ever netted 62 different wildflowers seen.

Anyway, I took the dog on a hike yesterday and found 14 different flowers. Not all the slides are flowers and my pictures aren’t great, but you get to share in a bit of the spring beauty I saw without having to breathe the massive amounts of tree pollen in the air here. Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

*For instance, if you attend a concert with Dad, he is very like to tell you how many seats there were in the auditorium at the end. He is very quiet and unobtrusive about it, but that man can count!



  1. wow! a slideshow!! I am uber-impressed. I’m not even sure you can do that on Blogger. Someday I may have to switch. I love flower identification, too, but I’m much more casual about it (which is a nice way of saying I’m a complete beginner)– I have a couple of books and a laminated flyer (with the flowers organized by color), but I always forget to bring them along. So if it’s not one of the dozen or so that I know, I end up trying to remember how many leaves and what did the center look like and etc so i can look it up when I get home.

    • Thanks! I can never remember all the details to identify a flower with by the time I get home.

  2. Ha, I can do a slideshow now too! Yours was LOVELY!!! (Which reminds me, I promised to get another shot of those mystery flowers down the block…) Barb, WordPress’s application is not very difficult. But I had to search around for the tutorial, and then read it over MANY times before I could manage my own version.

    Karen, thank you SO much for sharing your walk with us, and thank Kady too.

    • You are most welcome!! Did you ever find out what the mystery flowers were?

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  4. My Dad is an avid, nay even rabid, birder and botanist. Sweet Babou and I like most flora and fauna, but my Dad will read the Guide to North American Mushrooms as though it were a novel … and then remember it.

    • It’s fun what different passions different people have, isn’t it?

  5. Wonderful shots — I especially love the Jack in the Pulpit!

    • They are the cutest things, aren’t they? The berries are quite pretty as well (as I’m sure you know!).

  6. Beautiful photos. I’ve always wondered what those daisy-looking things were. We get them in my back yard all summer long.

    • If you’re getting them all summer, they are probably daisy fleabane. The robin plantain just shows up in the spring.

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