Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | April 17, 2012

A druggie? Really?

Today, while perusing the aisles of the grocery store for soft foods and smoothie ingredients for my girl child (who is recovering well from the wisdom teeth extraction, thank you for asking) I got a call from the high school. It was the nurse telling me that girl child had been brought in for a random drug test today. At the beginning of school, if your child wants to participate in sports or other extra-curricular activities, they have to agree to random drug testing. Of all the weeks in the year they could have pulled her in, they do it five days after having her teeth pulled. Really? It had to be this week? Hello? Anesthesia? Prescription pain meds? So yes, opiates did show up in the test. There will be forms to be filled out, explanations to be made, doctors to be checked with.

I have to say the nurse was really sweet. She offered up her office refrigerator if girl child wants to keep a smoothie in it for lunch. She was totally understanding about the drug test results.

This will not be a big deal, but I have to say, the irony of it just made me laugh.



  1. It never fails. Glad to hear she’s recovering, though!

  2. Oh for heaven’s sake. Nice timing. You’d think they’d have postponed it given the surgery. (Although, wow, they do random drug tests in high school? I’ve never heard of that.)

    • Oh they’re all over the drug testing in high school. And I guess if you called called down, you go, surgery or no surgery.

  3. oh, poor thing, was she just mortified? I’m glad the nurse was understanding about it, anyway.

    • Surprisingly she was not mortified. She came home and told her little brother, “Guess what! Your sister’s a drug addict!” She found it funny as well which is good.

  4. And THIS is why we need to stay in touch with our kids’ lives and their teachers/nurses/school staff. When they know the kids, and know you, it becomes a tiresome nothing that just needs to be cleared up.

    (Glad she is well enough to be at school!)

    • I think the nurse was far more mortified than the girl was. She was very apologetic and sympathetic when talking to me.

      And, yeah, I’m all about staying in touch, emails, back-to-school nights, conferences, etc. Seems to be working!

  5. Poor girl child! So glad the nurse was understanding.

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