Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | April 10, 2012

more hiking in the mountains

Yesterday’s hike was one we call The Beaver Trail, because we hike past a beaver dam. It’s a lovely walk through mostly woods, along and over two streams and through rhododendrons. The boy child, being a boy child, tried to leap enthusiastically across one of the streams unlike the rest of us who carefully picked our way across the stepping stones, and slipped and fell in the water. Fortunately, he only scraped up one hand a little and got wet. I thought at first he might have broken his wrist from the way he fell, but it was fine.

Although boy child and girl child are a little on the old side for an egg hunt, I crawled out of bed while they were still sleeping and planted eggs around the outside of the house. One egg was found, scratched and empty, and another was missing altogether, but there were still enough to make them happy. I miss the gleeful squeals of small children, but there are definite compensations for having kids grow up. Later, Mom and I discovered that unlike all the other Sundays in the year, the grocery store is empty on Easter Sunday afternoon. The two teen-age girls who were manning (womanning?) the cash registers were sitting on their conveyor belts chatting away until we showed up with our cart to give them something to do.

Today’s hike was up to the fire tower on Flat Top. We start from the Moses Cone Manor and wind our way up, up, up, 2.7 miles and 561 feet in elevation up to the fire tower and then all the way back down. I’ve got an app on my phone called MapMyHike to figure the distance and elevation which kept quitting every 15 seconds. I restarted it all the way up and saved the screen shots to show the hike. Notice all the switchbacks! I’d start up one thinking we must be near the top and round the corner only to see yet another switchback. Doesn’t that graphic make it look like we truly had to exert ourselves. It was a beautiful day, although much windier than it has been. Mom’s hat blew off twice and scampering was needed to fetch it back. Mom and the kids checking out the view at one of the switchbacks.

Here’s a link to Moses Cone himself, rather an interesting man.



  1. This sounds gorgeous. Before my knee problem, I loved to hike. Trying to strengthen it but even after a two hour stint at the mall this past weekend it was hot and angry. Guess I’m sticking to a leisurely stroll around the lake (all flat ground).

    • My knee was hurting a few days before we left and I was so afraid it would keep me from hiking. Thankfully, it decided to go away.

  2. Impressive hiking! But the view looks worth it. I love to look out over a wide expanse and feel free. As you know, New Jersey can feel a tad crowded. I can practically smell the air from your pictures!

    • It was gorgeous, Megan. You’d love it! But here I am, back in crowded NJ again. 🙂

  3. How cool! And I loved seeing the screen shots. (Dan has done this, with some fancy computer function, for my Route as well. It’s very funny to see that I appear to have “hiked” when all I feel like I’ve done is go around the block briskly.)

    Thanks for the links too, am so nosy.

    Don’t give up on the holiday enjoyment, even if searching for eggs doesn’t make a come-back, they may still look forward to the baskets. 😉

    • Glad you enjoyed them! – screen shots and links, that it.

      And I won’t. I just get a little cranky occasionally. Ya know?

      And I will on your next comment. Thanks, Mom! 😉

  4. And from the last time, yes. I’d say ADD that B-complex to your multi-vit when you feel the need for a pick-me-up or are just fighting off some bug/ailment.

  5. […] your front door? If you look carefully, you can see the lake way, way down. If you go to the previous post here, you can find the links to the house which is now a park site and Moses Cone, the […]

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