Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | April 7, 2012

the Mountains!!

Friday, I piled the kids and the dog into the car and all of our stuff which seems to multiply as I haul it out of the house and to said car. After getting everything in, I realized that the dog was in the wrong crate. Everything had to come out of the car and the crates switched and put back in and then we started on our trek to NC. Ten hours later we had arrived.

Mom and Dad bought a little half a duplex up here, between Boone and Blowing Rock, just about the same time that girl child was born. It has two bedrooms, so boy child and girl child are sleeping on the day bed and trundle and I’m on the big bed in the second bedroom. This area is so beautiful, it is worth the close quarters.

Today we went on two short hikes. It has been an astonishingly clear day and both the hikes went up to fabulous views. This one is Flat Top and the mountain in the distance behind my mom is Grandfather Mountain. You can’t see the grandfather’s profile from this side but I believe that is his chin. Or maybe his nose. Anyway, in our family this particular hike is known as Pesto Rock. The rock has depressions in it ranging from one or two inches across and maybe one inch deep to several feet across and a few inches deep. These depressions collect rainwater, and then moss grows in them and leaves collect so they have an interesting stew of sorts going on. We came here one year shortly after a pesto-making episode at home and boy child who adores pesto decided to get a stick and stir the stew pots and call it pesto. One year his cousin had the audacity to pee in boy child’s pesto pot. Much indignation followed as well as some not well disguised hilarity from the adults present. While most trees were just starting to bud, there were some lovely flowering trees there and none of us could identify them. Here is a picture in case one of my internet buddies is better informed:

The other hike was Beacon Heights. At the edge of the visible rock is girl child looking like she is about to plunge off a cliff. She isn’t. It slopes down and looks much scarier than it really is. What I loved about this view today was how green the valleys were and how that spring green was creeping up the mountains but not there yet. We were here last summer and it was so foggy nothing could be seen beyond the rock face we were standing on. Just blank grey. Now that was kind of scary!

To all of you who celebrate the day tomorrow, Happy Easter!



  1. Beautiful!

    Happy Easter!

    • Thanks, Mary Stella! I hope you had a good Easter as well.

  2. Happy Ostara, or Sunday, as well! Great views, thanks for sharing them. I don’t know what the flowering tree is but we have some similar. I was going to photograph this earlier in the week. Obviously the reason I didn’t was so you could!

    Also, from yesterday, stock up on vitamin B-Complex. Great for energy. But it’s the one that makes your pee super brightly colored. (It is supposed to keep mosquitos away too.) How do you feel about ginseng?

    • B-complex in addition to a multi? How do I feel about ginseng? I know that old mountain people, here where I am right now, call it ‘sang. That’s about it. I’ll look into it, though. Thanks!

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