Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | April 6, 2012

I’m not dead yet

I wrote the following three days ago and never posted it. I never really finished it either but I’m just going to post it so you will know I’m not dead. Tomorrow I’ll post about driving to NC and being cranky. Doesn’t that sound like fun?


There was a movie quite a few years ago called The Dark Crystal. In it were these little inoffensive, innocent creatures called Podlings. The evil Skeksis keep themselves alive by draining the Podlings of their vital essence after which they sort of existed like ghosts of their former selves. I have felt like one of the drained Podlings for almost two weeks.Ā  Here’s a link to a scene of draining if you want to see Muppety horror:

The really obnoxious thing about this cold? Boy child came down with it Monday afternoon, stayed home from school and watched Doctor Who all day Tuesday, and by Wednesday was bouncing around like a flea. Me? I’m down for the count for 12 days. Getting old sucks.



  1. Sorry you feel bad. Sending you virtual chicken soup.

  2. Hope you feel better soon!

    Glad you didn’t die from the cold. I’d miss your posts!

  3. Yep, those youngster usually start feeling better right about the time we are curling up into the fetal position. Hope you shake it off soon.

    • Thanks, Roben. I’m much improved. I hate being sick, it just seems so unnecessary!

  4. Garlic? Vitamins? Soup? Echinacea? Organic juice in massive amounts? Zinc? DayQyuil/NyQuil? Homeopathy? Vaporizor with Vap-o-Rub? None of that worked???

    Yikes, glad you didn’t die, this sounds terrible.

    • Yes. Yes. Yes. no- I’m allergic. Yes. Yes. Yes. Nope. Shower soothers instead. It wasn’t so much the cold symptoms as the incredible lethargy that WOULDN’T GO AWAY!!

  5. Zinc and vitamin C often helps. Hope you get well soon and that you don’t get another cold for a LONG time.

  6. Poor thing! It sucks when all the remedies don’t work, either.

    Vitamin C is supposed to give you energy, as well as the usual stuff, so maybe it will help with the lethargy if you take more.

    Be well soon!

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