Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | March 16, 2012

Seriously, girl child? updated

About two months ago, girl child received an invitation to a Sweet Sixteen Party, in which “semi-formal” attire was requested. The party is tonight. Today, at lunch, I got a text from her: “Can we go shopping this afternoon for a dress for me for the party? Please?”  I did not text back what I was thinking, which was along the lines of: TODAY??? Seriously??? You have had two entire months to go shopping. TWO! And now, the afternoon of the party, you want to go??

Sometimes I just want to shake them until their brains rattle, except they are exhibiting so little in the way of brain power I’m afraid they might not even be able to feed themselves after said shaking.

There will be frenzied shopping. There will be pouting. There may even be displays of temper. Then there will be frenzied getting ready and borrowing of jewelry and consultations in which I will be asked for my opinion and then my opinion will be dismissed with derision. I. can’t. wait.

I know someday my birds will have flown the nest and I will miss them, but I suspect it is a little like I miss the days of colic and weird poop in diapers. They were really incredibly cute then, but I don’t want those days back.

I’ll let you know how the shopping goes.

Later . . . we survived the shopping quite well actually! Found a dress that she looks great in at Marshall’s so the cost was low, a pair of shoes at Famous Footwear which weren’t too bad and as she said, she needs a pair of black shoes with heels. They will be worn again. There were no tears, no pouting, and no temper tantrums!! And a picture of my beautiful girl:

  She straightened her beautiful curly hair, which makes me sad, but she likes it better that way and so, since it is her hair, she gets to straighten it.



  1. I hate to tell you but it doesn’t get better. My daughter is 35. I’m the one who spends time with my gkids when she works. Sometimes she’ll forget to mention that she’s working on Thursday until Thursday an hour before. And she’s to strong for me to shake right now. She’s shake back.
    Good luck with the shopping.

    • Hmm. I’d say thanks, but . . . no. Thankfully the shopping did go well.

  2. Came by to peek at your daughter. Beautiful.

  3. I saw this on facebook and came over to tell you: well done!! beautiful dress and she looks great!

    • Thanks!! And she had a good time at the party so it was a win for everyone.

  4. It went well!!! I’m so happy for you guys. Wonderful dress choice and the shoes are adorable. She looks gorgeous!

    Also? If flat irons had been around in “my day” I’da sold my damn sister for one.

    • Why? why? why? do the girls with the gorgeous curls always want straight hair? Unless my hair was perfect, all the straight ends sticking out made me look like a demented porcupine. I always wished for curls. They look good no matter what they do.

  5. She looks lovely! Congrats on finding an awesome outfit on such short notice.

    • Thank you!! You know this will be happening to you sooner than you think!

  6. The shoes are great. She’s beautiful!

  7. The invitations to the sweet sixteen parties started arriving last year, when Two was fifteen. My refrigerator contains, at this particular moment, five invitations for the upcoming weeks. It’s crazy! He can wear the same pants and alternate shirts, but if you’re a girl are you supposed to buy twelve different dresses for all your friends’ parties??!!

    Your daughter looks lovely, and let me commend you both on purchasing a dress that completely covers all her delicate parts. The things I’ve seen some girls wear makes my hair curl! And then I straighten it with my flat iron… 🙂

    • I don’t remember sweet sixteen parties when I was that age. Are they a NJ phenomenon? or just something that has developed in the umpteen years since I was 16?

      Her dress probably covered the most of any dress there. So many pictures from the party show girls dancing and tugging at the top or bottom of their dress to keep them from showing anything they didn’t want showing.

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