Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | February 2, 2012

noticing things

Some things I’ve noticed recently that have, as the saying goes, hit me where I live.

The delicate tracery of silhouetted birch twigs against the morning sky:


The darkening down on the upper lip of the boy child. (Total pang to the heart on this one)

The distinctly aromatic scent of the clementine as I peel it.

The chortling glee of a baby at the store.

The way the soaring of the turkey vultures makes me yearn to travel. Somewhere. Anywhere.

The difficulty of hugging a friend when she lives almost all the way across the country.

The Saturday morning joy of waking up in a cold bedroom snuggled warmly under the flannel sheets and down comforter knowing I don’t have to get up.

The heavy warmth of a dog’s head resting on my lap and the softness of her ears.



  1. Love this post. And you are a very good photographer. I always enjoy your photographs. I used to say my Nikki’s ears were like velvet. Think I’m getting close to going to the shelter. Maybe.

    • Thank you, Roben! I really like having a dog to come home to, but there is that whole responsibility thing. I was feeling badly today because I was gone much of the day and Kady was all alone.

  2. madmax has the down on the upper lip now, too. How did they grow up so fast? beautiful picture and lovely word pictures throughout.

    • Thanks, Barb. I want to just cry, “but he’s only twelve!” and then look around wondering how the hell he got to be twelve so fast.

  3. Robena, I am NOT ready for the trip to a shelter. I cried when I read this one, and know exactly what you mean about velvet, I can still feel it.

    Karen, so beautiful.

    • Thanks! You know if you do go to the shelter, you won’t come home alone, so don’t go until you are really ready. I will say it is nice to have the dog for company on all the walks.

  4. Those are good things to notice. Very good things.

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