Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | January 28, 2012

Red Tails and other assorted things

Run, do not walk, to your neighborhood movie theater to go see Red Tails. But bring tissues. Red Tails is a dramatization of the Tuskegee Airmen during World War II. It starts near the end of the war in 1944 with the group of black pilots in Italy and is a powerful story of their struggle for acceptance as equals to the white fighter pilots. I took girl child and boy child to it and we all three found it very moving. I’d also say go see it just because it took Steven Spielberg 20 years to get it made because no major studio wanted to finance a movie with only black major characters that wasn’t a “black” movie. Who still thinks that white people only want to see white people, or black people only want to see black people, or Asian people . . . ?? The people I know want to see good movies with interesting stories, doesn’t matter what color they are.

I’m a single mom again for the weekend. The man is in mid-air over the Atlantic Ocean as I write this on his way to Germany. He comes back on Tuesday and will undoubtedly be exhausted. So please think safe travel thoughts and good meeting thoughts for him.

It’s been a week of blah for me. Everything is going reasonable well, but nothing really got me interested or excited this week. I would sit down with my computer to write a blog post and nothing seemed worth writing about. I think I’m going to try to make myself do one at least every other day this week to make myself think of something worth writing.

In house news, we have an update on the Pit of Despair. The environmental guys came and dug up all the dirt with a large backhoe and put it in a dump truck and took it away. Here is the backhoe in the dirt-removing process: This is looking through the sliding door (the one with the plywood over the bottom half so we don’t forget and step out and immediately 10 feet down) from the kitchen which someday will be the door into the sun room. And here is the backhoe filling the hole back up: It does seem a little silly to have it filled back up when it will have to be dug up yet again for the foundation of the room, but I’m not the one in charge of the whole thing. That pole sticking up in the middle is for the environmental guys to come and collect some ground water in a few days to check for contamination. I guess at some point it will be removed because that would be a little weird to have just poking up out of the floor. As I was watching this all take place I kept thinking of boy child when he was 2 or 3. He had a favorite book called Machines at Work and would “read” it to us in a very serious tone of voice. It would go like this: “Sha-meens at work. Hey you guys, let’s get to work.” Forever after all machines in our house have been known as sha-meens.



  1. I’ve read a few articles and reviews about this movie… I have no idea why “hollywood” or any other idiot group/person still thinks these ignorant and antiquated thoughts.

    Safe travel and meeting energy for your guy, plus maybe some entertaining anecdoes to share upon his arrival home too.

    Sha-meens is adorable! We had several of those books, two or so per kid, and when you say “very serious” I know EXACTLY what you mean, I can still see the look on his and her and her face as they “read” their books.

    Your room is going to be so wonderful, and so APPRECIATED once it gets all done!


    • Come visit when it’s done and you can appreciate it with me!

  2. That is a movie I want to see, but this weekend I gave myself a writing challenge. I’m coming into the final chapters of my WIP and loving the momentum. Would love to finish it this week. Then there will be movie time.

    Safe travels for the hubs.
    My son used to call anything on wheels a moll-a-gator. We still have no clue. : )

    • A book! A book! Go, Roben, go!!

      Love those cute and inexplicable things kids say. 🙂

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