Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | January 18, 2012

small joys

Sometime a while ago, Jennie Crusie posted that she was depressed and asked what people did to make themselves feel better. I’m not searching through her archives to find that post because if I do I won’t finish this post tonight. Being the somewhat snarky person I am, I commented that I put on sparkly teal toenail polish. It wasn’t entirely snarky because really? Sparkly teal toenail polish? It makes me smile every time I see it on my toes while in the shower. It’s important, I believe, to find your joy where you can – toenail polish, a new book, a conversation with a friend, a funny Facebook post. It’s like remembering to do a gratitude every day. You become more aware of all the things that you can be grateful for.

Today’s joys aren’t huge; they are everyday, commonplace kind of joys. That doesn’t diminish their joyfulness though. Here’s one of them: I saw these when they were just little green spears about 2 inches high at the grocery store for $1.50. They are now two weeks old and I’ll be able to enjoy them for at least another week. Three weeks of smiles every time I look at them for $1.50? SOLD!

A bigger joy of the day is that the man is home after being in San Francisco for a week. A whole week of no one to warm up my cold feet, to tell about my day, to discuss the kids and their issues, to kiss me in the morning and tell me he loves me. Yeah, I’m happy he’s home.

Then there’s small joys like all of the laundry is done. Dinner was yummy. I got answers from internet buddies on an cell phone issue and now that small irritation is gone. What small joys did you have today?



  1. Oh I love your gorgeous dollar fifty beauty! Can you plant those bulbs and enjoy them next year? Or will they last in the pot maybe?

    My joy today started off annoying but turned great. Dan had an early training session (it’s bullshit busy work that just pisses me off, but they have to do it). So at first I was grumpy, but then, he got to come home for a nice break and ended up getting done early! Yeah, we do appreciate our guys when they come home again!

    • If I store them and remember to plant them in the fall, yes. Of course, if I store them I’ll probably find them 8 years from now all shriveled up!

  2. Dean and I spent the evening packing up another section of the kitchen. It was the first time we’d done something together where we could just talk in weeks. Maybe months. He hasn’t been gone, we’ve just been busy with different things. It was nice, a small joy. And it SNOWED. Another small joy. We’ve been waiting for our snow for weeks. By March I will be sick of it, but in January, you’re supposed to be able to send the kids out to sled, or go skiing or snowshoeing.

    Beautiful crocuses. And I remember your sparkly teal nail polish comment on Crusie’s post and it made me burst out laughing– so mission accomplished, you. I also love blue, purple, teal or green toenails. makes me happy every time I pull my socks off.

    • A long conversation with the husband? We have to make a date and go out to dinner for those! My kids are wishing for snow. I’m just hoping we don’t get freezing rain.

  3. My small joy today is that I found Lilo some size 7 corduroy pants on sale at Target for $4.48. It made me so happy I am going to blog about it, come to think on it.

    • Go you! I just about went bankrupt the other day shopping for the boy child. And I know in about 3 months he will have grown out of everything we got.

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