Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | January 16, 2012

How do you celebrate MLK day?

A day off of school and what did we do? We went to the dentist!! Kicking and moaning and groaning, I dragged them off to the torture chamber, otherwise known as the dentist. Boy child’s teeth are now white again. Yes, I know he needs to do a better job brushing, thank you for telling me. Neither kid had any cavities was the good news. The bad news was that girl child has two impacted wisdom teeth which will need to be extracted by an oral surgeon. Oh joy, more conversations with the insurance company. The girl child is not pleased. Although she did ask me to please video her while under the influence of nitrous in case she says anything really funny.

We really did more thinking about Martin Luther King, Jr. yesterday in church. All our hymns were spirituals, which I love. And all our homilies and prayers were about peace for ALL people, equality for ALL people, justice for ALL people. Kim did the children’s message using Legos. She said that the red ones were no good and had to come out of her box. So the kids sorted out the red ones. Then, they had to take out the orange ones because orange is made with red. Same with the pink and purple ones. Then the brown ones went, then the white ones because white isn’t a color, it reflects all colors so it reflects red which makes it no good either. She was left with one blue Lego and one yellow one. They decided that you can’t really build much with just two Legos so they put all the colors back together. Lesson: doesn’t matter what color you are, you are just as good as the Lego next to you and together you can build wonderful things.

I wonder what his sermons would be about if he were preaching now?



  1. My church is also much of a muchness about social justice and equality. It’s why I looooove my little church.

  2. That’s real Christianity for ya!

  3. I love that lesson. It’s perfect, so visual.

  4. Okay, I adore that color lesson!!! You are so blessed (ha!) to have these amazing folks around you in this setting.

    About wisdom teeth, both girls had to have theirs out. Poor Emmy had to do it in TWO parts (top, then a few months later, bottom) because of OUR stupid insurance and what the left-over amount ended up being that we had to pay. In the end, it really was not too bad though. They heal super quick. Only not-so great part was that Han has bad reactions to anesthetics (something we never knew because she’d never had them). I sat in the recovery room (think closet) with her for a very long time, then spent more hours at home next to her on the couch (she was 15 or so). You already know the happy ending, she’s fine, and has a gorgeous smile. Your girl will do even better, I’m sure.

    • Rachel just needs her top ones taken out, the bottom ones are growing in just fine. But she’s not happy about it!

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