Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | January 5, 2012

making progress

While I’m making progress on the dining room, the dining room doesn’t reflect it at all. It’s been stricken with a bad case of what a friend of mine calls but-first-itis. As in: the Legos need to get cleaned off the dining room table, and the china cupboard shelf and the other little table in there and go on the Lego designated shelves in the living room, BUT FIRST the designated shelves need to get cleaned off as they have stuff on there that doesn’t belong, some of which goes on the other shelves in the living room, BUT FIRST the other shelves have to get cleaned off. It can turn into an endless chain of but firsts sometimes. However, one set of shelves is completely cleaned off, another is tidied up and the great Lego migration will be able to happen tomorrow. I managed not to get distracted by the packets of photos I found from our wedding and honeymoon and trip from the year before the girl child was born by an epic effort of self-control. Photo sorting is a task for another day, week, month, year.

And on the physical side, good news! At physical therapy Tuesday, Brian let me do actual, real, live exercises. The back is feeling much, much better, almost back to normal and it is such a joy to not have that constant nagging pain going on. I’ll be back at PT tomorrow and if all looks good he’ll be giving me exercises to do at home. I can’t think when I’ve been excited about exercising before.

My new holes in my ears (and the girl child’s) are doing fine. They are very slightly tender, but not infected or anything.

Nothing but good times ahead!



  1. Oh, I so know what you mean about “but first.” I’ve never heard it called that but it is SO TRUE. You should see me, OCD, ADD and generally flaky, trying to be organized and pack up this house where we’ve lived forever. There’s the ever growing mountain of yard sale stuff, the huge bags going into the trash, and trying to fit everything just right into boxes, all the while not doing nearly as well as you at not being distracted by old photos, kids’ art projects, etc etc. Progress is being made, just not nearly as much as needs to happen. Good luck with your table, if you just keep chipping away at it, it will get done eventually! that’s what I keep telling myself anyway.

    • It’s what I keep telling myself too. I can’t imagine trying to do the whole house. I think I’d just have to get a can of gasoline and a match!

  2. We call it the Domino Effect, because it’s one balancing on, and then knocking over, the next one, and the next one and the next one and…..

    Which is why I end up doing nothing about it at all. Way too overwhelming.

    Yay for your progress and your health report too! That is all good news.

    (Barb, I can’t imagine it. You get an award, just for the trying.)

    • Little by little, Julie, little by little. Progress has been made. Today was a step backwards, but, y’know, tomorrow’s another day.

  3. My entire adventures in housework can be summed up with “butt first”. Does that count?

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