Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | January 2, 2012

more holes in my head*

Yesterday I got to remember why it is that I don’t like New Year’s Eve parties. Our neighbors down the street, who are a really nice and very social couple with two happy black labs, threw a party and invited us. So the husband and I got ourselves cleaned up and looking good and trotted down the street for the festivities. And there was wine. In really big glasses. And since it was New Year’s Eve there was pressure to stay through midnight. Which meant more wine. In those really big glasses. Now I like having a glass of wine with dinner. But one modest sized glass of wine with dinner in no way equates with three? I hope it wasn’t four really big glasses of wine. So yesterday I spent hungover. The worst part of hangovers is that you know you did it to yourself and you have no one to blame for feeling like crap. However, it’s done. I can now remember why I want to stay home for the next 20 years, like I did the last 20 and maybe by then I’ll be too old to go out to NYE parties.

Today, girl child and I had a date. We went to the mall and got our ears a second piercing and then soothed ourselves with yummy lunch. Then we shopped for a bit for clothes for her – neither one of us is a shopper in any sense of the word, bought coffee (me), mocha (girl) and some chocolate and came home to show off our ears to our boys. Here we are:

and one in which our ears show up better: We both went with the CZ stud as it seemed it would go with more than either a gold or a silver stud. There was a Hello Kitty earring but I managed to restrain myself. (joke!)

Tomorrow, school starts back up, the husband goes back to work, I’ve got physical therapy and desperately need to grocery shop and do laundry. I also will start with my first week challenge to myself.

*thanks to Julie for my title!




    (Lol, you are most welcome. I love being a ridiculous inspiration, rather than a cautionary tale of woe.)

    • Thanks!! Most often I feel more like a horrible warning than a good example!

  2. Betty Bear, you look mahvalous! Love the second piercing and I’m so there with you about NYE parties. We actually stayed home this year for the first time in a long time. It was pleasant–quiet and I only had two glasses of Pinot Noir.

    As soon as your ears heal, put in a pair of little hoops, gold or silver, and start adding bigger, flashier earrings to the bottom hole. You’ll be a hit!

    • Thanks, Nan. As I said, I’m not much of a shopper, but I’m looking forward to increasing my earring stash!

  3. OMG, they’d pierce your ears with Hello Kitty?!? Where? I want! Not that I need more holes in my head. I have pierced and repierced my ears more times than I can count (though I’m pretty sure it’s somewhere in the teens), but I only have five holes left open. I think I’m due. It’s cheaper than tattooing.

    Also, you and the girl child are gorgeous. Y’know, in case you didn’t already know. πŸ™‚

    • Claire’s. They had quite an assortment of earrings to use for the piercing, but I wanted to go with something that would more or less go with everything since it has to stay in for six weeks.

      And thanks! She’s 15 so she doesn’t think she is, and I’m 48 and when I look back at old pictures I wonder why I didn’t realize that I was pretty then.

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