Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | December 24, 2011

the day before Christmas

Yesterday we made the long trek from New Jersey to South Carolina for the gathering of the clan. (Are you allowed to call it a clan when our heritage is mostly German, Dutch and English?) Since we make the trek four times a year people often ask me how I can stand to be in a car that long. Mostly I don’t really mind it. I spend a lot of time looking out the window, thinking about the houses and towns we pass by, who lived there? How old is that house? What would it be like to live there? I mentally check off various places along the way, Pugh’s Creek, the New River, that place on I-81 with the sheer rock off to the side where the Virginia Tech kids paint stuff. I saw my favorite house along the way, an old brick farmhouse with four chimneys and a wide front porch. It’s the kind of house that looks like the food will be plentiful and tasty, the beds warm and the company welcoming. I like having the time to just let my mind wander at will. None of us are really big talkers so there is often nothing but the music DH needs to drive and the car noises for long stretches of time. However, I am always glad to get there and be out of the car.

I just re-read that paragraph and I’d like it to be clear that all of the window gazing/day dreaming is when I am a passenger. I do a little of that while driving, but I try to pay attention. Also, I checked out license plates. I saw all of the states east of the Mississippi except Wisconsin and Louisiana, plus Texas and California, Ontario, Quebec and Estado de Mexico.

Unfortunately my back seized up today from all of that sitting yesterday, but I’ve been diligently trying to do my stretches and it is beginning to loosen up a bit. It would be sad to have to celebrate Christmas lying flat on the floor the entire time particularly when my toddler niece and their large dog get here.

We are having a lull in the festivities right now. The football fanatics have gone to the sports bar to watch the Giants and Jets play each other, the boys are outside and Mom is in the shower. The Yule log is made, the wreath salad is made, the presents are all wrapped, and tomorrow we celebrate Christmas. For those of you who celebrate the birth of the Christ child, may your Christmas be filled with love and good cheer, joy and peace. Actually I wish for all of you to have days filled with love and good cheer, joy and peace, no matter what you celebrate.



  1. You made it! Stay relaxed and do those stretches (and maybe take something pain relief-ish just to be safe).
    Hope your holiday is wonderful!
    (Did I already say that? Oh well, it should be said twice, it’s that important.)

    • Holiday is about as good as it gets. Back is much better, unfortunately pain meds don’t really do too much to help. Lots to think about here.

  2. I hope you had a terrific holiday with your family and I’m so happy your back feels better. (Belated) Merry Christmas to you.

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