Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | December 20, 2011

Happy Chanukah!

Chanukah starts tonight at sundown. The candles are supposed to be lit then, but we generally wait until everyone is home because we’d rather do it as a family than be rigidly correct in our observance. When we got married, Todd’s mom gave us a menorah which we have used ever since. It’s a pretty basic brass one, not terribly attractive, but since it was our first and she gave it to us, it has sentimental value for us. The second menorah we got is my favorite. Todd’s sister gave it to the girl child when she was a baby and it is just about the cutest thing you ever saw. The third one girl child painted at a paint-your-own pottery place that a friend of mine owned for a while. Here is the menorah line-up with the first night’s candles lit: And a close-up of the really cute one:  There is Winnie the Pooh and Rabbit enjoying latkes with Tigger and Eeyore and Piglet playing with the dreidel on the floor. Pooh’s menorah is in his window and did you see that the candle holders for the menorah are Pooh’s honey pots up on the wall? Is that not one of the best menorahs you have ever seen? And do you like that our Nativity is back there too? It’s not entirely clear when Chanukah was first celebrated, although it commemorates an event that is dated 164 B.C.E. so it’s possible Jesus celebrated it. Our celebration consists of lighting the candles and saying the prayers. No presents are involved. Occasionally I’ll make latkes, but not tonight.

We had a visitor in the back yard today. I tried to get a picture, but it’s not very good since he ran away when he saw me coming. Back through the fence is a ring-necked pheasant. He was a large and handsome fellow, looking very natty in his feathered finery. This is what they look like if you have a really good camera and a telephoto lens:


Daily challenge: Share 1 easy way to add fruit to your breakfast. For me, that would be a glass of orange juice and dried blueberries in my cereal.




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  2. Happy Hanukkah. I also have a really cute Menorrah. I should get out the camera and take a photo. : )

    • I love menorahs. There are some really terrific ones out there. Hope your holidays are happy!

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