Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | December 19, 2011

School concert and checking lists

Tonight’s going to be a quick post. I’m lying here with a glass of wine recovering from one of the joys of the season – the school concert. Maybe I’m a bad mom, but I really don’t enjoy these all that much. Boy child is in sixth grade and plays the French horn in the band. The sick moose sounds coming from the farthest away room in the house while he practices just serve as a prelude to the concert itself. I’m not a musician, but I play one on television, but I really have trouble listening to that not quite in tune sound. It just grates away on my nerves which are rubbed a bit raw anyway from the dubious pleasures of Christmas shopping. To add to the sensory experience, it had to be 80 degrees in there as well. The kids all acquitted themselves as well as could be expected and the boy child did look quite handsome in his white shirt, black pants and black tie. “How do you know how to tie a tie, Mom?” I have hidden talents, I do!

I have managed to acquire a gift for everyone who is supposed to get one from me. Sigh of relief. I’m getting some stocking stuffers tomorrow and then will be wrapping on Wednesday. I need to make sure we have enough candles left from last year when I got too many for the menorahs since tomorrow night is the first night of Chanukah.

I hope you all enjoy the comic that gave me a chuckle this morning.  I think I’m somewhere between espresso beans and anti-psychotics.

Daily challenge: Stand with your feet hip-distance apart. Very slowly raise your heels so you are standing on tiptoe. (If you need a little balance boost during this exercise, lightly touch a chair, tabletop, or counter for support.) Hold for a moment, then slowly lower your heels back down to the ground. Repeat nine more times.



  1. J.D. played the sax, and never practiced a note in his life. He was technically the best player that band director had ever met. Musically and emotionally? Not a smidge could that child improvise. Once he graduated and the requirement was over, he handed that sucker right back to the rental place.

    I actually miss those concerts these days, at the time I was all about complaining that my ass hurt, the venue was baking hot, the tunes were annoying, and I’d heard it all a millions times before. Now, I’d PAY to go back.

    Must go raise my heels, and repeat.

    • At the moment, I’m looking forward to missing them!

  2. Lilo sings. Her voice cracks in the middle of some notes. I can feel my ears bleed, then feel guilty I am not enthralled by her warbles.

    Ah. Motherhood.

    • The boy child can’t carry a tune with two hands and a bucket. We plead with him to spare us from his singing. Then the guilt descends.

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