Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | December 18, 2011

I got smacked by the universe

Sometimes the Universe delivers a smack upside my head. Sometimes I’m grateful for the smack. Today was one of those days. It also is one of the reasons I go to church, to remind me of the universe outside of my own petty concerns.

It is the season of Advent, of waiting, and one of the things that we do in church is light the candles on the advent wreath. The four Sundays preceding Christmas have four corresponding candles: the first is the candle of hope; the second, peace; the third, joy; and today’s candle is for love. (If you are Christian, your church may call them something else, it’s not really set in stone or anything.) The lighting of the candle is just about the very first thing that happens in the service and there I am, *SMACK!*  being reminded that the season isn’t about all the stuff I was whining about yesterday, it’s about the hope that we all hold for better things to come, the desire we hold for peace in our world and in our lives, the joy of receiving that peace and the love of family, friends and the love of God (feel free to substitute wording of your own here). In case I missed it the first time around, we sang a song with the words, “Do not be afraid, I am with you. . . I will bring you home, I love you and you are mine.” And one more reminder, “the good news is not just announced to all people, it is indeed for all people. For the proud, the humble, for the rich and the poor, for those who have found faith and for those long for it. It is for everyone.” This love that animates the universe is for all of us, whether we deserve it or not.

And then, in my email, was the daily challenge: Write down a past mistake or regret, then begin to forgive yourself by tearing it up.

So, go forth my friends, secure in the love with which the universe holds you, forgiving yourself and forgiving others, and living at peace with the world.



  1. Awesome!
    Thank you.

    (scribbling madly and tearing up quickly)

  2. I’m not super-stressing just yet-a few more days to go before that happens! But this was a lovely reminder of why we’re celebrating, so thank you!

    I also like the note-tearing idea, because it’s a beginning to forgiveness. Sometimes shit just won’t leave me-it hangs on like a burr. So, paper please?

    • We can sit together and share a pad! That stuff is like burrs – hard to dislodge and often leave little bits behind? What a good analogy!

  3. That’s really lovely! Wonderful thoughts and approaches. And I really like the note-tearing. Given where I am in my life right now, it would require a notebook, so I’ll just continue on my bit at a time path for now. But very cool.

    • Just one bit at a time is a good way to deal with it all.

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