Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | December 17, 2011

feeling the spirit?

I’m just not really feeling the Christmas spirit this year. I’m not ready, I don’t have all the presents I’m supposed to have gotten. I didn’t do any baking or candy making this year. All the usual preparations are just feeling like a chores. I’m not even really looking forward to seeing all the relatives that much, there’s too much tension going on for various reasons. There just seems to be a lot of pressure to make other people happy associated with the season, and, you know, you can’t MAKE anyone else happy. I just don’t want them disappointed or to be made unhappy. I guess if you have fourteen people, any fourteen people, together in one house there will be some tensions, and when it’s family who installed all those buttons on each other that then get pushed? More tensions. I know it won’t be that bad, I’m just having pre-holiday trepidation.

Okay, then, moving on. Tonight I had the semi-unusual pleasure of dinner out with my husband and no kids. Having the kiddos old enough so we can just walk out the door and say, remember to wash your dishes and don’t burn down the house, is one of the benefits of having them be too old to dress in cute little holiday clothes. We went to a little Mexican restaurant in the next town over. I think it’s a family run business and their food is really good. I didn’t think of taking a picture until we were almost done which means you don’t get to see the yummy salad I had – watercress, radish, tomato and avocado with a lemony dressing, nor do you get to see the bowl of black bean soup he had, but you do get the tamales with a salsa verde which were very tasty and half are left for lunch tomorrow, and the chicken mole before the man slurped the last of it off of his plate.   There is a bit of the man himself in his nice Irish sweater. We got to chat a little with our waitress about how they make the salsa verde. We make a roasted tomatillo salsa, where the tomatillos, onions and garlic all get grilled and then they all go in the blender with cilantro. She said they blend it all raw with a little bit of cumin and then cook it in a frying pan with oil. I can attest to its goodness.

The daily challenge is one of those boring ones that you should do. Make sure the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon dioxide detectors are working.



  1. Thank you so much for this, it’s true, we all feel as though we want EVERYone to be happy, and NO one to be disappointed. So difficult!

    And oh wow, I adore the fact that now, all the damn way across the country, someone else is photographing her dinner. Awesome shots. I love that sweater too!

    (Yep, there ARE benefits of those babies getting older.)

  2. Oops, forgot the challenge. Uh, you may not want to hear this, it tends to upset some people when they find out,
    we don’t have any of those detectors, I disabled them all decades ago.
    But no worries, I’ll just do the stretching one again!

    • You know, it’s like Doreen’s card, substitute as necessary! 😉

  3. […] in the service and there I am, *SMACK!*  being reminded that the season isn’t about all the stuff I was whining about yesterday, it’s about the hope that we all hold for better things to come, the desire we hold for […]

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