Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | December 16, 2011

Stop wasting my time, I need it!

Here’s a link for those of you who were squicked out by the cat the other day. If reptiles give you the creepy-crawlies, skip it.

Today was such an irritating waste of my time. I’m going to need to write a letter of complaint, but I think I may need to vent some first. Our dishwasher has occasionally been acting weirdly. It stops mid-cycle and restarts. Then stops and restarts. Over and over and over again. It doesn’t always do this, and the last time we had someone in to look at it, it behaved like it had never even thought of not operating properly. So he went all over it, checking all the connections and mechanics and told us that it was most likely something in the control panel and he could either order the part and come back or maybe it would just keep working fine. If we didn’t have him order the part, we had ninety days in which to have them do so and we wouldn’t get charged for an additional service call, just the part. So we gambled. And now we have lost.

It started acting up again and I made the appointment. Now this is a Kenmore dishwasher, so I went online, just like I did last time, and scheduled the service appointment. Wanting to make sure that they would have the part, I called the 800 number and gave the part, the model and the serial number. The appointment was for between 8 and 12 today. Would you like to know what time my doorbell rang? 3:15. I did receive a phone call around 1:30 which was a recording telling me that they were running a little late and might get there after 12. No shit, Sherlock. And did he have the part? Of course not. He said well maybe the company that was here before might have a record of the part we needed. And I said, it was Sears. I did not say you dumb-ass, although I was thinking it. It seems Sears just sends different companies out and THEY DON’T COMMUNICATE WITH EACH OTHER because that would make too much sense! The repair guy, showing that he was not completely stupid, sensed my rising ire and didn’t try to charge me for the visit. As it was, I do believe I screamed FUCK in front of my kids after the guy slinked out of my door.

And so, the many things which I needed to do out in the world did not get done and will have to be done tomorrow when everyone else is also out doing things that need to be done.

However, all is not bad in my world. I went to PT yesterday and actually had several pain-free hours! Today was not bad at all. And the cold is about 85% gone, the cough lingers on as does some residual stuffiness, but I’m basically over it. I have to plug the Kleenex cool touch tissues. I bought them very early on in the cold and my nose never got sore in spite of all the blowing I did. They do smell weird though.

And today’s challenge is to make time today to stand up and stretch! Lace your fingers together, reach your arms toward the ceiling as though you’re trying to touch it, and hold for at least six seconds. Aim to do this at least two more times today. If you think you might forget, set reminders on your phone or your computer, or leave yourself a sticky note.

May your day be free of irritating time wasting so that you do not set a bad example for your children.



  1. You are not the only one getting yanked around by Sears!

    • Why don’t companies understand that building customer relationships is in their long term best interest? Oh, right, because they don’t do long-term. It’s all about the short-term profits.

  2. Fokker
    Was it over at your place where I told about Dan’s dad non-retirement from Sears, and how they ignored us when we wanted to buy a major appliance? I believe so.

    From yesterday, it’s not just cats that creep me out, it’s nearly all small furry creatures. But cats are the worst, truly, I can’t stand one damn thing about them, it’s not that I simply don’t like them, I actually detest them violently.

    Oh that video was adorable! However, like with Max and the doilie hat, I truly hope the pet’s companion gave him/her a treat after all that phone licking.

    I stretched. Immediatly, and made a note to do it a few more times.

    Thank you. A. Lot.

    • I hope that little lizard got a treat as well! And you are welcome. A. Lot. πŸ˜‰

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