Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | December 14, 2011

heliotropic dog

Before we start with the dog, I have to tell about my drive today. My car has been telling me that service on the airbag is urgent, so after finding a place that isn’t the patronizing, pay-through-the-nose dealer, I called and made an appointment for 8 am. It’s 30 minutes away. But, since everyone is out of the house with large amounts of assistance by me by 7 am, I figured I could do it. Except for the paving trucks along our county road, I could have been on time. As it was I was only 10 minutes late and the really nice guy at the service place didn’t seem to mind a bit. The drive was lovely, all on country roads winding and rising and falling through the hills of New Jersey past towns settled in the 1700’s, farms, woods and the occasional ostentatious house. Greg, the nice guy at the service place, plugged in his little diagnostic computer and found that the entire gauge panel of the car needs to be replaced. The computers are wonky. Oh joy. He recommended doing it, even though the part costs $1,000 since the car is in such good shape. So now I just have to find someone to accompany me dropping off the car and then picking it up again later.

However, the best part of the drive was this:   Is that not the coolest? I had to pull over and park the car to get a picture of it (the cars behind it are on the county highway I was on). It appears to be the decoration for a vet, but why a life-size hippo with a gaping mouth is beyond me. I mean, I really doubt a vet in semi-rural New Jersey sees too many hippos. I also saw some lovely houses and stuff along the way that I would have loved to have shown you but the problem with windy country roads is stopping in time to take a picture. So you just get the one.

On to the dog.

In the morning, the back of our house faces mostly east. Well, actually it faces that way all the time. Let’s try this again. In the morning, the sun streams through our eastern facing windows in the back of the house. As soon as the sunbeams have sufficiently warmed the floor, Kady settles herself squarely in the sun, like so: Sometimes she sprawls out on her side and toasts all that black fur while she sleeps and other times she keeps a look out for deer that might need to be killed: Ignore the really dirty glass on the sliding door. It’s all her fault anyway. As the sunbeams move across the floor, Kady moves with them, keeping herself warm and comfortable. On cloudy days, she will stop by to check out the action outside, but mostly will be found sleeping in her bed instead. As the last bits of sun are left, Kady positions herself to get even the smallest bit of sun that is left.   Heliotropism in plants is the tendency to grow toward the sun, in animals it is moving toward the sun. If she were a plant, she would be phototrophic like sunflowers that move to be facing the sun. From TYWKIWDBI I learned that the word for this basking in the sun is aprication.  There you go – Kady is apricating. 

The daily challenge is share one healthy activity that you do to help manage stress. The best stress reduction/management technique for me is a walk outside. That’s probably one reason I’m so grumpy lately, I can only walk for about five minutes before it just hurts too damn much.



  1. ha. I thought when I saw the post title that your dog had somehow turned purple. (I named my purple iPod Heliotrope several years ago after looking through lists of color names). I love learning new words, and I got TWO of them in this post (heliotropic and apricating). thank you. And by the way, I could take a similar series of pictures of our dog, except it’s so cold and gray right now that there’s no sun for her to follow. 🙂 sorry about the car expense!

    • I know! I don’t know why the color is the same word, but no, she’s black and tan and white. I love new words too.

  2. SHIT, no warning!!!

    I clicked on that link to learn, (because I do that when we have some, follow the sun, and we’ve always called it reptilian) but GAH! I had to see a damn cat!!!! Not a pretty basking lizard or nice sunny snake or adorable wee turtle or anything sweetly cute, no. A cat!

    Jeez. What else was I going to say? I’m all anxious and creeped out now…..

    oh yeah, wow. How weirdly psychic was I just then? I left a comment on that last post saying we’d love to see and hear more about where you live, then Ta da! Country roads and hippo. Nice, thanks.

    And, boo. Very bad that we EVER have to replace things on our cars, especially expensive parts.

    • SORRY!!! I didn’t even think about a warning. There will be something better just for you tomorrow. 😀

      • LOL! Good thing I have a strong heart…. shitty mood right now, but very healthy ticker.

        ‘mmmmmmkay, waiting then. And thanks, I’ll tell Dan what you said about the blender, I WANT those potatoes now.

      • Shitty moods seem to be going around. Like colds. Bah humbug to them.

  3. I still don’t get Julie’s extreme distaste for cats — I’ve never been that way about dogs, even when I disliked them! 🙂

    I like the new words, especially apricating. Very nice. Thank you.

    • You’re very welcome! I don’t particularly like cats, but they don’t squick me out. That would be bugs with lots of legs. They squick me out.

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