Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | December 8, 2011

Christmas lights

Sunday evening while the boys of the house were at a football game, the girl child and I had a date. We had dinner at Chili’s, which she found a bit embarrassing. I’ve got to say it makes me laugh now, that teen-age embarrassment of being seen with your mother who doesn’t even try to be invisible and silent but actually talks and jokes with the servers. I’m not sure exactly what I did or said that was particularly cringe-worthy, and I don’t really care. She will get over it.

After dinner, on the way home, we passed a farm stand and farm that puts on a Christmas light display every year that you can drive through. It was highly entertaining in a totally schmaltzy way. We took pictures although they didn’t come out very well, but I’m sharing the best with you. Early on came the field of corn: The green lights came first and then the corn cobs and tassels came last.

There was the obligatory nativity scene:

There was the obligatory nod toward Chanukah:


As well as an obligatory nod toward Kwanzaa:

There was an entire barnyard scene with all the lights going on and off in coordination with music that somehow they had on a particular radio frequency. One of the songs was all about a dog and yellow snow and induced much juvenile hilarity in our car:

And at the very end was this one for some reason. I don’t know why it wasn’t at the beginning, but whatever.

The lights, the classy and the tacky, are one of the things I really enjoy about this season. We tend toward a tasteful display of candlelit windows and little white lights on a Christmas tree in the front window, along with the electric menorah.

I’m just about to go to bed, but first . . .

the daily challenge:  Doodle as you listen to something you need to remember today.

and you do this because:  Doodling has gotten a bad reputation as a mindless time-waster. But when you draw little squiggles and sketches while listening, it helps you better retain what you’ve heard. Doodling seems to harness the brain’s wanderlust and prevent unproductive daydreaming. In fact, in a study on doodling and memory, those who doodled while listening to a monotonous two-and-a-half minute phone message recalled 29% more of the details afterward than did a group who listened to the message without doodling.

Huh! I did not know that. Pretty cool.



  1. I. Love. Those. Lights. I’m a sucker for holiday light displays. I wish I lived nearby.

    Keep on embarrassing that daughter. It builds character. 😉

  2. Embarrassing our children is what we DO. And all it takes is to show up!

    Thanks for sharing the lights. We don’t have anything like that here. Super cool.

    No, I’m not a doodler, it distracts my already-prone-to-scrambling brain. Empress is a world class doodler though. She retains nearly everything she hears that way, but I have to take notes. With actual words in them.

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