Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | December 7, 2011

just the daily challenge

I had a terrible bout of insomnia last night and my head is all filled with crud from my cold, so my brain cells are pretty much paralyzed. I’m going to bed and let the kids wreak what havoc they will. But, just for Julie and the one other person who wanted the daily challenge, here you go:

Strengthen the muscles in your abdomen and lower back with 8 leg extension crunches.

plus the explanation of what the heck leg extension crunches are:
Sit on the floor with your knees bent and your feet soles-down on the floor. Place your hands behind you, palms down, and lean back into your hands. Rotate your palms and turn your fingers towards your backside. Lift your right foot off the floor, extend your right leg out in front, bend your knee, and pull your leg back toward your chest. Put your foot back on the floor and repeat 4 times. Switch sides and do 5 more leg extension crunches on the left side.




  1. Thank you, may your night be dreamy, peaceful, and clear-headed, your nose be free of crud and your lungs be perfectly functioning. Sleep well.

    (Dyslexically speaking those instructions are a challenge unto themselves, but I am totally going to do this!)

    • Thanks. Head still cruddy, but at least it’s not raining today.

      I had to read those instructions twice and then I decided to hell with it because of the back and cold combo. When grocery shopping makes me need to lie down for an hour to recover, it’s time to take a break from the exercising. Tomorrow’s another day.

  2. Sorry about the insomnia and the cold– ugh.
    Hope you sleep and get feeling better soon.

  3. I get so grumpy when I don’t sleep well. Hope your insomnia disappears and you have a restful night tonight.

  4. Thanks, Robena! It makes me grumpy too, as does having a cold. I’m sure my family hopes I’m better!

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