Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | December 3, 2011

Odds and ends

Aaauugghhh! I wrote this whole post and it disappeared. Deep breath. I n   a n d    o u t .  Okay, trying it again.

After spilling my guts for two days (thank you all for listening and commenting in such a kind and caring way) I’ve just got some random stuff and a little housekeeping tonight.

Yesterday, the boy child had four friends over. There was an epic nerf gun battle in the basement in which many cardboard boxes waiting for recycling were put into use as shelters and shields. There was much consumption of pizza and ice cream. And there was a moment that made me feel old. They played Apples to Apples and asked me to join in. Apples to Apples is a game in which you get a bunch of cards each with a really random word or name on it – for instance I had: The United Nations, baked beans, James Stewart, glazed donuts, my neighborhood and lightning, among others – and another card is drawn and you have to decide which of your cards most goes with the one drawn. These boys did not recognize the names: Dolly Parton, James Stewart, Jim Murray or Celine Dion, and I had to explain what a televangelist was. *sigh*

The girl child has joined the fencing team. She just decided she wanted to try it, and after a week she’s enjoying it. Here she is in her fencing gear with her practice saber: Is that totally awesome or what? I wish I had a picture of her undergarment/breastplate. It’s a molded item that makes her look a bit like Madonna and increases her size by probably two cup sizes.

I was behind this truck and nabbed a picture of it. Do any of you all have trucks or male driven vehicles in your area with that hanging off of the bumper or hitch? The first time I saw it, all I could think of that it looked like was a plastic newspaper bag that had been used on a walk with a dog, and I thought why would you have a bag of dog poop hanging from your truck. Then I realized what it was supposed to be. And I thought, why would you have testicles hanging off your truck? Compensation? If any of you can explain this one to me, please share. I don’t get it AT ALL.

And lastly, I’ve been included a Daily Challenge for a while now and am wondering if you’d like me to continue. Please vote. (I hope I did the poll right!)

Today’s challenge was: Share 1 physical activity goal you have for the next week. I’m going to try to walk again every morning. I’ve been skipping because my back was bothering me so, but today I walked and I’m going to try to keep it up all week.



  1. A poll?! First a slideshow and now a poll?! Holy crap woman.

    Lol, there. I voted. I love this!!! And yes, WAY damn cool about Girl and her new fencing interest. That is something she’s going to get a TON of mileage out of in the coming years. (Cover your ears Mom, I am talking about drinking games in college and future dates she can impress.) And I bet the competitions will be a blast to attend.

    Hell. Now I want pizza and ice cream.

    Truck balls. Seen them, twice. Don’t understand them. At. All.

    p.s. It was Mercury who stole your post. 😦

    • Slideshow was easy-peasy. Seriously. The poll was more difficult and I wanted it in the sidebar, but couldn’t figure that out. I think I might be able to do it know, but I can’t be bothered.

      Ask Dan and JD if they understand truck balls. Maybe it’s a guy thing. Ahem, I mean I KNOW it’s a guy thing, maybe you have to be a guy to understand the need for truck balls.

  2. I’m finally getting caught up on blogs after three days of sketchy internet interactions. Anyway, I think fencing is awesome, so more power to the girl child. Wish I was young enough to do it but the knees are totally shot. : )

    • I know nothing about fencing. So I’ll be a total novice at her first meet or match or whatever they are called. It does look like fun, though!

  3. Yes, it is compensation, of a pitiable sort.

    Fencing, way better than piano. I can do one, not the other. Guess.

    Now down to it: Vow to make ALL my exercise sessions this week, including and especially Saturday night’s Full Moon Yoga on the Beach. Rah!

    • Full Moon Yoga on the beach! That sounds just awesome. Even with my back screaming at me I’d go, just to say I did.

      Playing the piano is pretty damn cool too. Really, any talent is cool.

  4. Man alive. I wish we had a fencing team.

    Truck balls are specifically for the purpose of making certain that the general public knows the body part for which the truck is compensating. You know, in case it was unclear.

  5. Things like having fencing teams are compensation for living in the most crowded state in the union. If you have enough kids smooshed into your school, you can get enough of them to sign up for almost any kind of sport.

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