Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | November 29, 2011

Computer games I play

No deep thoughts tonight. I had a grueling session of physical therapy today and between the pain discomfort and the exhaustion tiredness, my brain is just not clicking on all cylinders tonight.

So there I am in the car tonight waiting for boy child to emerge from Boy Scouts and playing this word association game on my phone which girl child got. The phone now has Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja – in which you slice thru flying fruits, some driving game I’ve never played, Plants vs. Zombies which I’ve never played, Tiny Wings – in which you see how far you can fly this little bird, and I think there may be a couple of others I haven’t played but the kids have gotten to keep themselves entertained. On my computer I bookmarked suduko, Mahjong, Curvy and DropSum Colors (for which I may not forgive Alastair), but the place I go to most is a Boggle game. The ancient dinosaur of the upstairs computer has whatever all those games are that Microsoft put on there, but the one that I play when insomnia is hitting hard is spider solitaire. So, since I was already thinking of associations, I was trying to figure out what the games I really liked on the computer and phone had in common. Beats the hell out of me. I can’t even think what they all say about me, if anything. Oh, well, maybe tomorrow some stunning conclusion may come to mind. In the meantime . . .

The daily challenge was to sing the happy birthday song twice through when you washed your hands. It seems that is the length of time it takes to really get the germs off. The ecologist in me reminds you to turn off the water while you are warbling away.

And today’s gratitude: I’m grateful for computer games to occupy my kids on car trips and me when I need a break from the noise inside my brain. (I know, I know, not every gratitude can be all deep and meaningful! Go read the first one if you don’t believe me!)




  1. The games that keep your mind engaged, no matter what the “type” is, that’s your common denominator. 😉

  2. As much as I like Angry Birds … my first and true love will always be Scrabble. It makes my qi flow, and I know xu is technically a real word.

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