Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | November 28, 2011

preparing . . .

Barb commented on yesterday’s blog post that she found the whole idea of waiting as a spiritual practice interesting. Which got me thinking about preparing. The Advent season is supposed to be about spiritually preparing oneself for the birth of the Christ. We find ourselves waiting for something and can prepare for it in different ways. There is the physical obviously. Waiting for a date, we shower, shave our legs, put on make-up, dig out the nice undies, okay, okay, so some of us do this. Others (ahem!) are lucky if we manage to be showered and find socks that match. We prepared for a triathlon by running, biking, and swimming. Some of us prepare for a triathlon by making posters to cheer on our sister-in-law who we actually think is certifiably insane by doing them, but will support anyway. We can prepare for guests for putting clean sheets on the bed, cleaning the hair out of the shower drain, and, if it’s my parents, making sure we have tea, lemon and bananas.

But how do you mentally or spiritually prepare for something? Religions can have things like a mikveh, the ritual path for purity in Judaism. There are the practices of prayer and fasting, giving up something for Lent, etc. I suppose it depends on what it is that you are waiting for. I mean, really, a bath is kind of silly if you’re just waiting in line at the store or something. I think that much of the physical preparations for spiritual practices are a way of mentally preparing yourself – you wash off the daily round to make your self clean for something more meaningful, you pray or meditate to put yourself into a state of more mindfulness. I’m not sure, really, where I’m going with all of this, but I too, like Barb, find the whole idea interesting.

In other news, the boy child had his physical today and was pronounced practically perfect. He has grown three inches in the past year and I was warned that he is likely to grow three or four inches a year for the next couple of years. Oh, yeah, adolescence here we come!

Today’s gratitude: I’m truly thankful to have a healthy kid. Actually two healthy kids.

Today’s challenge: Create a healthy snack kit that you can reach for when hunger hits. For me, I have a little bag of roasted almonds and dried cranberries in the car.



  1. Interesting, and yes, I agree. The ritual of cleansing or purifying prior to a spiritual session, (whether it be church, synagogue, or meditation) not only cleanses you physically but I think it prepares your mind to be cleaner, purer, and in a more receptive state.

    • There’s definitely a connection between physical cleaning and mental, emotional, and/or spiritual cleansing.

  2. Great Deep Thinking here! (I keep trying to tell Barb this is one of her gifts, but she’s not quite buyin’ it yet. 😉 )
    Paganism is similar, in that the preparation (or ground and center intentions) are like a ritual cleansing and making your mind, as well as body, ready for an enlightened state of being. Way cool post, thank you.

    Healthy kids, yipee!

    I need to go slice radishes and another cucumber now, my healthy snack for the girls’ visit inspired me to go back and get more for must me, and it was all on sale! (Really, less than 50 cents for a big bunch of globe radishes, awesome.)

    • I rarely get radishes as I’m the only one who likes them. Maybe I should just go ahead and get them for me?

      Every once in a while I have a deep thought! 😀

  3. I am always, totally, unprepared for damn near everything. Insane panic is more my style.

    • I tend to leave stuff until the last minute and then race around like a lunatic myself.

  4. I saw a great video on the advent the other day:

    I think it did a great job of explaining the idea. I’m not a church-goer in my adult life, and we never did advent per se at my church growing up, but I like the sentiment of preparing for something lovely and wonderful– whether that’s the coming of Christ, or just the opportunity to spend time with the people you love most.

    • That was a good quick explanation of Advent. I think the preparing increases the anticipation for an event.

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