Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | November 26, 2011

traveling on the internet

I’ve been reading a mystery series by Deborah Crombie, set in England, mostly in London. I have a passion for maps and find myself looking up all the places she mentions in the various books as she describes them. In the actual books, at least in the later ones, there are lovely maps of the places in the front and back of the books, but since I’m reading them on my kindle, I don’t get the maps. However, there is google maps and the little guy that you can drag onto the map and see actual pictures of the places. I’ve visited the canals of western England, marveling at the canalboats. I’ve been to Cambridge and seen the “dreaming spires,” and the River Cam. I’ve explored the town and tor of Glastonbury and prowled the streets of Notting Hill and Kensington. The highlands of Scotland were a little more difficult to see as the google car that takes the pictures hasn’t been to more out of the way places yet. I love being able to see, really see, what these places look like, what the churchyard the victim was found in looks like, the street the Inspector lives on, the Portobello Market she visits on the weekend, but there is something a little creepy about the pictures. All of those people, just going about their business, caught in a moment and frozen on the internet forever. Did any of them know they were being photographed? Would it bother them if they knew? Mostly they are blurry and unrecognizable, but sometimes they are quite clear. It feels a bit like voyeurism, although I haven’t seen anyone doing anything really interesting yet. I don’t think I’ll stop looking though, it’s too much fun traveling even if I can’t get away for real. So many places in the world I would love to see, so many that even if I started now and kept going for years I doubt I’d get to them all. Some of them may not be there anyway when I get there. Places change. Sometimes the virtual travel, whether on the webs or just inside our heads is the only way to go somewhere.

Where do you dream of going?

Today’s challenge: Find three things that you are grateful for today. I figured I was all over this one since I’ve been doing a daily gratitude all month. Which leads me to . . .

Today’s gratitude: I’m grateful for all the things I don’t know yet, the places I haven’t seen, the people I haven’t yet met, the experiences I have yet to have. I’m grateful to be able to look forward with optimism, hoping to learn and see new things and meet new people.



  1. Holy crap that gratitude should be engraved on a stone someplace, for freaking ever! Nicely done.

    I adore maps, and yes, I’ve done this with books too. I have trouble navigating sometimes, and get lost (I know, without even leaving the house) so I often have to do it in small sections. Glad to know I’m not the only one who “travels” this way. 😉

  2. I really do wonder how the hell I functioned before the interwebs came into my life to set me free …

    • Well, there were a lot fewer distractions . . . but I know what you mean. So much cool stuff out there.

  3. Yep, I’m sure those people didn’t know they were being photographed. I often wonder how many times I’ve ended up in others photos from my travels. People saying who is that old lady? Hah.

    Fun post. Thanks.

    • No, they’re saying who is that beautiful woman? And do you have her phone number?

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