Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | November 25, 2011

tired and cranky, but pretty pictures

My back is acting up again. I was hoping it would be better and stay better, but that is not happening. Grrrrrrr. I sincerely hate not going on a hike on a beautiful day with the family, having to wince and whine while doing laundry and changing the sheets. It’s just so damn irritating. So instead of whining at you all, I’m giving you a slideshow of pictures that girl child has taken. Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Today’s challenge was to start a meal with a colorful salad.

Today’s gratitude: I’m grateful for all the writers who labor and sweat  and persevere over their work that I may enjoy a good book.



  1. That’s your header butterfly in there! Amazingly beautiful work from Daughter, and funny, last year one of mine has taken it up as well. Oh shit, speaking of that, I forgot to ask her about our idea/blog/forum, better make a Post It.

    • My header is from last summer and this was from this summer. I thought it fun that we took almost the exact same picture. She’s really gotten into photography recently.

  2. Girl child is an AWESOME photographer!!

  3. Gorgeous photos. Thanks.

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