Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | November 23, 2011

making changes

I’ve just started reading a book called Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard by Chip Heath and Dan Heath. A friend recommended it in passing and so I looked it up being the book slut that I am, and thought, well, hey! I have a terrible time changing my behavior, the eating and exercising behavior in particular, maybe this will help. The opening of the book talks about the two parts of our nature, the rational long-term planning part and the emotional, more immediate gratification part. Both of these parts have strengths and weaknesses, but it is usually the emotional part that gets in the way when trying to change. The authors liken the rational part to a rider on a elephant (the emotional part), with only some control of this massive beast. The trick, it seems, is to get both the rider and the elephant headed in the same direction. I’m going to read a piece of it at a time so that I give what they are writing about time to sink in and I’ll share the interesting bits with you all. For a bit of serendipity, go see what Julie’s card was today, although maybe it’s not just serendipity . . .

Today’s challenge: Take 5 minutes to see if your work or home computer and keyboard “fit” you. As in, are you sitting properly with the computer at the proper height and distance away? Okay, I totally fail on this one since I use my laptop on my lap (why else would it be called a laptop?) while lying on the sofa. Oh, well, perfection would be so dull, wouldn’t it?

Today’s gratitude: I’ve read some terribly sad news today (go see the Bettyverse and comments) and I’m just grateful that my own little family is all safe and together under our roof tonight.




  1. Didn’t I comment? I thought for sure I replied already, gah …. it’s been a messy and confused sort of day, Han’s bus was really late.

    I know my chairs are bad, and I love the keyboard on our very old desk top, the lap top is just so I can actually SEE shit like videos and CakeWrecks (and Alastair’s round ups), but I never have it on my lap, just on the table in front of the other one for brief moments in the day.

    Fokker, we’d like a standing desk update, if that isn’t too much to ask.

    Great post, and I am so grateful for internet friends who help me to be better than I am now. šŸ˜‰


    • And I thought I replied already. Yeah, we’re a pair, we are! Sorry Han’s bus was so late, but it looks like happy family togetherness day was a good one.

  2. […] – change. I read a bit more in the book on change I’ve been reading. (previous posts here and here) One of the ways to help a change happen is to find the places where it already did happen. […]

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