Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving dinner begun . . .

For several years we have gone to my brother’s house to have Thanksgiving dinner with his family, wife, 3 kids, large goofy dog, and my parents have driven up to be there as well. They moved to Tucson, Arizona at the end of the summer and my parents have driven the long drive out there for a visit. So we are on our own this year. Friends we have spent the day with some time in the past are having family issues so it will just be the four of us plus the devil dog for Thanksgiving. I interviewed the family on what exactly was the most important dish to have on the table and here are the results. Husband: the sweet potatoes that get made with brown sugar, orange juice and bourbon. Girl child: mashed potatoes. Boy child, aka pickiest eater in the universe: rolls. When asked what kind of pie I should make, I got one vote for pecan, one for apple and one for pumpkin. Sigh. So today I braved the grocery store and while looking for the smallest possible turkey they had I found a bin with half turkeys. Seriously! I had never seen this before, but it seemed to be the answer to how do we have turkey and not have to eat the leftovers for three weeks straight after. Tomorrow I’m making cranberry relish, the sweet potatoes and a pecan pie which is what we all compromised on. I just can’t see making three pies for four people.

So what are your must have dishes on the Thanksgiving table?

Today’s gratitude: I’m grateful for a grocery store full of food choices. I realize that not everyone has such availability of food in the world and I’m grateful I do. I wish everyone did.

Today’s challenge: Give up one bad habit just for the day.

Interesting blog read of the day: go here to read Julie’s son’s take on policing protests. While I do truly sympathize with the Occupy Wall Street protesters, it was good to get the perspective of someone whose job is to enforce the laws of our country in a thoughtful way.



  1. Oh wow, thanks for the Son shout out. And how funny are we? I just posted, and included a link back here!

    (No pictures of me on one leg, but when my one leg WAS up, and I was all flamingo-like, it reminded me that I should take a picture of the scar on my toe and the one on my finger. I succeeded with half.)

    Uh…. very glad we have the choices we do too, and right now, with family help, we will all be able to afford some of those choices!

    • You have cute toes.

      Interesting discussion on the son’s blog. He writes and expresses himself very well, doesn’t he?

  2. My parents are coming, so I am making mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, broccoli, cranberry relish, and crustless pumpkin pie.

    I am also drinking amaretto strait outta the bottle …

    • I’m sticking to the red wine, myself! Sweet potatoes are done, cranberry relish is done, turkey half is brining in cider brine, pie dough is made, tomorrow is roast turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, finish pie, and bake crescent rolls. And gravy. Hope your day goes well!

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