Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | November 21, 2011

back to the pit

I know you all have been following the Pit of Despair saga with bated breath so you will undoubtedly be truly thrilled to have another installment. The environmental guys came today to probe the pit and find the extent of the oil leakage. It was this funky machine that worked kind of like a pile driver to drive a metal tube with a clear plastic tube inside down into the ground. They could only get about 6 feet deep before they ran into too much rock to get through. Here is the machine and over in the background the table on which they examine the tubes of dirt. And . . . the news is good! (loud cheers) The extent of the leak appears to be very limited, probably less than one dump truck full of dirt. While they were doing the drilling and examining the results, they were regaling me with horrifying tales of other sites they have investigated. There was the one in which the spill went under the house, across the yard, across the street and through two more people’s yards. There was the one with the above ground tank which got filled for the winter and overnight developed a hole (suspected sabotage) and dumped 250 gallons of oil into the guy’s yard. Then there was some long and involved tale about the town of Tom’s River which makes it sound like the entire town is swimming in a sea of oil. So after all of that you can just imagine the relief of hearing that our leak is a little, tiny one and shouldn’t take too long to get cleaned up.

So that leads directly to today’s gratitude: can you guess? I am extremely grateful that the leak was small and contained. So, if you have oil heat with an underground tank, I would very strongly suggest you get it removed because sooner or later it will leak and that will suck.

Today’s challenge was one for your balance: try balancing like a flamingo on one foot for 30 seconds and then the other foot for 30 seconds. For some reason it was easier on one side than the other.



  1. I hope your pit of despair is the former pit of despair, soonest.

    • Thank you kindly! I’m getting really tired of looking out at mud.

  2. So glad this was, in comparison, minor. Now, off to do my flamingo impersonation.

  3. Oh I’m so relieved for you! (Yes, I worry about other people’s stuff.) Glad the pit is not too deep.

    • I worry about other people’s stuff too. And thanks!

  4. […] of you who have followed the saga of the Pit of Despair (starts here, continues on here, here, here, and here) we have new and exciting developments. We received the coveted “No Further Action […]

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